LEGO Masters Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Team, Host and Where to Watch!


LEGO Masters Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Team, Host and Where to Watch!


Who doesn’t like LEGO? It’s not just for fun for some people, as there are those who take it extremely seriously. At the LEGO Masters competition, brick enthusiasts have the opportunity to show off their inventiveness and compete for the LEGO trophy and the title of LEGO Master.

The LEGO video game LEGO Masters is based on the same-named British television series. Throughout each challenge, host Will Arnett and a group of seasoned constructors offer the contestants their assistance. The first two seasons of the show’s American adaptation have been completed and aired.

There will be many wonderful LEGO creations, as well as both happiness and sadness. The following details concerning LEGO Masters season 3 are currently available.

LEGO Masters Season 3 Release Date

LEGO Masters season 3 is not coming in June 2022

Since we broke the news earlier this year that the premiere of the third season of LEGO Masters would take place on May 31 on FOX, we have been counting down the days until the episode is made available to the general public on LEGO’s website.

Unfortunately, some changes had to be made to the plans. A new teaser for the upcoming third season of the competition series Lego Masters has been released by Fox, as reported by

In addition to revealing the premiere date for the following season, the film offers tantalizing glimpses of spectacular settings, even higher stakes, and cameos from notable actors. It has been announced that the next episode of the series will return to Fox on September 21 with the airing of the next episode.

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Who will host this brand new season 3 of LEGO Masters?

Will Arnett, who is known for his work in both acting and comedy, has been tapped to host the upcoming third season of LEGO Masters. Ever since the awards were first presented, Emmy winners have traditionally been regarded as members of the LEGO family.

Did 'LEGO Masters' Get Canceled? Details on Season 3

It is credited to Jeremy Kleiner, Pip Wells, Sharon Levy, and DJ Nurre that they served as the executive producers for this program. Jeremy Kleiner is an executive producer for this show. Other executive producers for this show include Pip Wells, Sharon Levy, and DJ Nurre.

Judges for Lego Masters Season 3

Even though the judges haven’t been announced yet, it’s hard to imagine the competition season without Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett.

Due to their extensive LEGO knowledge, this team is crucial for the competition.

Lego Masters' Renewed for Season 3 at Fox - Variety

Berard has previously applied for the next model maker position at LEGOLAND. He served as a judge at the FIRST LEGO League World Finals in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2004, so he has experience in this field.

The following year, in 2005, he started working for LEGO as a product manager. Given his extensive knowledge of Lego, it makes sense that he would be the best judge for this competition.

Amy Corbett is the senior design manager for Legos and has worked with the company for many years. We are delighted that the two judges on this Fox hit show will remain the same.

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Team Member List

In the third season, each of the twelve teams will have two members. Fox has made these members’ identities public, so we have added them here.

  • Asia and Eddie are both involved in this.

  • Emily and Dave had a lengthy relationship.

  • Liam and Emily Xavier,

  • Jon Brandon, Gregory, and Michelle, both named Christine, and Liam and Emily Xavier, both named Emily, are cousins. Both Stephens, please. Thank you.

  • Stacy and Nick

  • Kerry and Patrick constitute a husband-and-wife pair.

  • Drew and Miranda are good friends with Austin and Justin.

  • Liz and Erin are friends.

Trailer for LEGO Masters Season 3

Where Can I Watch Season 3 of Lego Masters?

Hulu is the site where you can stream Lego Masters online (Free Trial)

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