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La Brea Season 2: Release Date is Confirmed?

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The second season of one of the primetime’s most inventive shows has begun. The stories of the Harris family and other survivors continue in season 2 of La Brea after their lives have been completely destroyed.

It’s terrible enough when a sizable sinkhole appears in the center of a crowded Los Angeles neighborhood. But it’s a very another story when the pit leads to an ancient realm. The fact that the survivors are separated from the ones they care about and will stop at nothing to reunite with is the biggest issue. What is known about La Brea’s second season is listed below.

The Plot of Season 2 is as follows:

“In La Brea, a large sinkhole appears in Los Angeles, snatching people and buildings into a mysterious, perilous, and primitive place where they must cooperate to survive. The Harris family is still divided in season 2, and Eve is still furious that her son Josh unintentionally entered a portal in 1988.

She is still unaware that her ex-husband Gavin and their daughter Izzy have arrived in ancient Seattle and are currently battling the elements and wild animals to get to Los Angeles.

Release Date

The second season of La Brea will premiere on NBC on Tuesday, September 27, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The day after a new episode airs, Peacock allows you to stream it.

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The Voice, which made its debut on September 19, kicks off NBC’s Tuesday night lineup at 8 p.m. ET/PT, followed by La Brea. The final season of New Amsterdam will premiere on September 20 at 10 p.m. ET/PT to round out the evening.

Season 2 of La Brea won’t premiere in the UK until some time in the future, but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out. Season 1 of the show is available on Paramount Plus in the UK.

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How to Watch

NBC, which is frequently offered as part of cable TV bundles, is airing the second season of La Brea. NBC is available on streaming services like Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and FuboTV for cord-cutters.

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The program can be streamed on Peacock as well. Peacock is available to view on a computer, phone, or television. Some cable providers include Peacock without charge as part of their cable package. Peacock is available on a variety of devices, including Fire TV, Apple TV Plus, and Roku.

Users of the Peacock app on Sky Glass, Sky Q, Sky Plus, Sky Go, and Now in the UK can utilize these services as long as they have a Sky and Now cable subscription. La Brea’s first season is available to Paramount Plus subscribers in the UK.

The cast of La Brea Season 2

The majority of the season 1 cast will return for season 2.

Who appeared in La Brea season 2 is listed below:

Eve Harris is Natalie Zea.
as Gavin Harris, Eoin Macken
Ty Coleman is Chiké Okonkwo.
As Sam Velez, Jon Seda
Levi Delgado is played by Nicholas Gonzalez.
Riley Velez is played by Veronica St. Clair.
Scott Israni is played by Rohan Mirchandani.
As Veronica Castillo, Lily Santiago
Lucas Hayes, played by Josh McKenzie


La Brea’s season 1 cliffhanger provides us a lot of clues as to where the story will head in season 2. We’ll see what happens on the other side as a few characters were able to travel through the enigmatic doors in the previous episode.

La Brea Season 2 (3)

The other three took a chance on a new Seattle gateway as part of a rescue mission, not knowing where it may take them. Three of the gang passed via the Topanga portal.

Frequently Asked Question

Will La Brea Return for a second season?

On Tuesday, September 27 at 9:00 p.m. on NBC, La Brea’s second season premieres.

Where Can I Watch La Brea Season 2?

On NBC, La Brea’s second season premieres on Tuesday, September 27, at 9 p.m. The day after they premiere on television, new episodes will only be available to view on Peacock. For additional information on the network’s fall 2022–2023 schedule, go here.

Do they have La Brea on Netflix?

The first three seasons are currently available on Netflix, and the fourth season will be added shortly.

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