Netflix's Knives Out 3 Release Date


Netflix’s Knives Out 3 Release Date: Is Daniel Craig Returning for Season 3?


Knives Out 3 will undoubtedly return with another case for Benoit Blanc to solve, but we don’t know when.

Back in March 2021, Netflix announced a massive contract for Knives Out 2 – or Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery if you want to be formal – as well as a third film.

It was supposed to be a $400 million transaction, one of the largest streamer deals in history. If the third film is anything like Glass Onion, it will be well worth the investment. However, writer/director Rian Johnson is determined that Benoit Blanc’s third appearance stands up to the previous two.

“The goal is to find something that feels distinct from the first two and also seems like the only reason for us to keep doing them is if we’re passionate about making them,” he explained to Digital Spy. “So we have a whole new cause for existing, and we honestly feel like, ‘Oh my god, this is so amazing.'” While we wait for Johnson’s announcement, here’s all you need to know about Knives Out 3.

Knives Out 3 Release Date

There is no release date for Knives Out 3. The official release date won’t probably be known until after production is finished because it will be available on Netflix. It is anticipated that it will fall in 2024, however, this is only an estimate.

In a November 2022 interview, Johnson stated, “Knives Out 3 still requires writing, which I must do. I need to determine the topic of the upcoming Benoit Blanc mystery, its title, and its setting. I, therefore, have a tonne of work to do. I don’t want to set a deadline for myself just now because I know I won’t meet it.”

Knives Out: Part 3: Who Will Appear?

Expect the third movie to have another colorful and star-studded array of suspects and potential murder victims—unless Johnson goes wild and brings back characters from the first two films.

Of course, Daniel Craig will reprise his role as Benoit Blanc, and we’d want to see more from Hugh Grant in the role of Phillip, Blanc’s colleague, who we briefly meet in a flashback scene in Blanc’s apartment.

It’s possible that Noah Segan will also make an appearance in the third film, but not in a role he’s portrayed before. Segan has so far appeared in all of Johnson’s films, playing the roles of Trooper Wagner in Knives Out and lazy Derol in Glass Onion.

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But aside from them, everything is up for grabs. It might be anyone.

Knives Out 3 Plot: What to Expect?

We don’t know what case Benoit Blanc will be solving in Knives Out 3, but we can assure you it’ll be plenty of twists and will challenge your assumptions about murder mysteries. Johnson is keeping his plans under wraps for the time being, but we do know that following the journey to Greece in Glass Onion, he will return to the United States for the third film.

“I want it in America,” he said to Insider. “There’s a lot of appealing things of traveling to – Paris or the Alps – but I feel it’s incredibly vital that these are American pictures.

“Even with Glass Onion, it’s set overseas, but it’s a group of Americans imprisoned on an island together, so I think moving it back to somewhere a bit closer to home for the next one may be a nice thing.”

Even if the third film is as successful as the first two, don’t expect Blanc to solve crimes indefinitely. “If either Rian or I ever believed we were just churning them out, I think we would back away,” Craig told Deadline.

“It’s extremely crucial with each one now, especially the third one, that it feels kind of scary and dangerous,” Johnson remarked. You must shake the box.”

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