Jurassic World 4 release date


Jurassic World 4 Release Date: When It Will Come Out?

Mai K. Sosa

Dinosaur enthusiasts and fans of the blockbuster Jurassic World franchise are eagerly awaiting the next installment, and the anticipation has reached a fever pitch with the revelation of the release date for Jurassic World 4.

In this article, we explore the latest updates on the highly anticipated film, revealing the date when audiences can once again immerse themselves in the thrilling world of prehistoric creatures and human ingenuity.

When Will Jurassic World 4 Be Released?

Jurassic World 4 has yet to be greenlit, so we’ll have to wait until at least late 2025 if it happens.

Jurassic World 4 release date

Given that Jurassic World Dominion was published in June 2022, we believe that if an official announcement is made, it won’t be long until dinosaurs return to our screens, especially given that writers may negotiate deals and work post-strike.

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And, while it hasn’t been confirmed, Jurassic World 4 is still a possibility. Producer Franck Marshall told Slash Film in an interview that, despite the conclusion of the Jurassic World trilogy with Dominion, more films are on the way since the team isn’t done with the prehistoric IP just yet. So, while nothing has been confirmed, we are optimistic.

Who will return in Jurassic World 4?

If Jurassic World 4 is developed, it appears that the cast will focus more on the new characters introduced in Dominion. That means we may have to say goodbye to some of our fan favorites, both old and new. Here is the list of expected cast members in season 4:

  • DeWanda Wise as Kayla
  • Mamoudou Athie as Ramsay
  • Isabella Sermon as Maisie Lockwood
  • Chris Pratt as Owen Grady
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing

What will Happen in Jurassic World 4?

Although there is no official storyline outline for Jurassic World 4, Colin Trevorrow has hinted that if he is involved, we will follow the same characters.

Colin Trevorrow told GamesRadar that the next film in the franchise, if done, will feature some of the new characters introduced in Dominion, including DeWanda Wise, who plays the fiery pilot Kayla, and Mamoudou Athie, the charming communications head at Biosyn Ramsay.

Jurassic World 4 release date

“We introduce new characters, major new characters, in this movie, who I am as proud of as any characters I’ve ever been involved with,” he went on to say. “And so the idea that DeWanda Wise and Mamoudou Athie could carry on in the franchise is exciting to me.”

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With that in mind, the next film may go into Kayla’s past, namely her ties with the dinosaur black market. Alternatively, we could see Ramsay dealing with a new direction for Biosyn and ushering in a new era of dinosaurs and human cohabitation and development. Furthermore, we’ll likely begin a new trilogy with a new cast of characters.

Is there a Jurassic World 4 trailer?

There is no Jurassic World 4 trailer because the film has yet to be confirmed, but we will have to wait at least a couple of years if it is. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for season 3 below:


As the countdown to Jurassic World 4 begins, fans can relish the thought of once again witnessing the grandeur and peril of a world where dinosaurs rule. The franchise’s ability to blend nostalgia with cutting-edge technology has kept audiences captivated for decades, and Jurassic World 4 promises to deliver another chapter in the saga that will leave viewers both thrilled and nostalgic for the awe-inspiring wonders of the Jurassic era. Get ready to embark on another adventure as Jurassic World 4 roars back to life.

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