Is The Nun 2 Based On A True Story


Is The Nun 2 Based On A True Story?

Mai K. Sosa

Horror films have long captivated audiences, with tales of ghosts, demons, and supernatural forces capturing our imaginations.

“The Nun,” a Conjuring universe spin-off, introduced fans to Valak, a strange and sinister nun inhabiting an isolated Romanian abbey.

With the release of “The Nun 2,” horror enthusiasts are once again drawn into the dark and terrifying world of this cinematic universe.

But is this chilling sequel based on a true story, or is it purely a product of creative fiction? Let’s delve into the details.

Is The Nun 2 Based On A True Story?

The Nun 2 Is Not Based On True Events. The plot of The Nun 2 is purely fictitious and is not based on any actual paranormal stories involving nun demons, exorcisms, or possessions. Although this is disheartening given The Conjuring universe’s history, it does not diminish The Nun 2’s effectiveness as a horror picture.

Because The Nun 2 is not based on a factual story, the filmmakers had more leeway with the plot, heightening the shock element and developing the character development of Sister Irene and her companions.

Is The Nun 2 Based On A True Story

Although The Nun 2 is not based on a true incident, there are several components that are similar to cases Ed and Lorraine Warren have dealt with in the past, such as Maurice Theriault’s possession.

Maurice, commonly known as “Frenchie,” existed in real life and was involved in a bizarre exorcism case, but his activities have been heavily questioned. Other real-life parallels include Saint Lucy, the patron saint of the blind who refused to burn in a fire and had her eyes restored after being gouged out.

While these characters may be related to real-life stories, there is one noteworthy figure who has true characteristics derived from their mythological counterpart.

Mythology is a mix of true and false beginnings that cannot be proven, but that doesn’t mean Valak is wholly made up. Valak was described as a young kid with horns riding a dragon in the mid-17th century goetic grimoire, The Lesser Key of Solomon.

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While the name and demonic nature of Valak are derived from these writings, her nun appearance was a creative decision made for The Conjuring 2 because there are no real-life incidents related to this demonic nun. Although these characters in The Nun 2 and other horror films based on Ed and Lorraine Warren’s cases have some realistic features, the film’s content is substantially fabricated.

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