Is the conference based on a true story?


Is the Netflix’s Conference Based on a True Story?

Mai K. Sosa

The Conference is a Swedish Netflix film that combines humor and horror to create a compelling plot with simple mysteries and unsettling gore. The story follows Lina and her coworkers on their team-building retreat under the direction of project boss Jonas before a killer turns the movie into a slasher and offers insights into their fundamentally problematic dynamic.

As a result, the narrative prepares viewers for an exciting ride through a chaotic night that is still thematically loaded with genre mainstays. This is the information you need to know if the movie has piqued your interest in learning more about its history and any real-world links.

Is the Conference Based on a True Story?

“The Conference,” formerly known as “Konferensen,” is not based on a real event. On the other hand, Mats Strandberg’s 2021 Swedish horror novel “Konferensen” provides the basis for the movie. Strandberg writes columns for the Swedish tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet, which is situated in Stockholm. He wrote his first book, “Jaktsäsong,” in 2006 to launch his writing career. Since then, he has authored other books.

The author characterized his 2021 novel “Konferensen,” which is about a dysfunctional group of coworkers who are trapped in a remote place with a crazed killer on the loose, as a story about that.

Is the conference based on a true story?

“It’s kind of like Agatha Christie meets Friday the 13th, or that was my intention,” he remarked. During an interview with Magnus & the Arts, Strandberg discussed his process of idea generation and came to the conclusion that ideas “pop up” out of nowhere.

Strandberg drew inspiration for this novel from the naturally strange circumstances that arise from dysfunctional work relationships. The author wrote, “You spend more than half of your awake time with these people you haven’t chosen for yourself. It’s such a weird situation, and it’s so frustrating.” That’s where I began to consider that, I suppose.

To offer something novel and invigorating, the movie builds on this similar scenario and liberally douses it with humor. The storyline gains something from the film’s usage of the same, despite the fact that the original material concentrates more on the interpersonal dramas of the characters.

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In the end, the film greatly borrows from the novel of the same name, but the people and situations it explores are artificial and contrived to further the plot. Therefore, in addition to director Eklund and co-writer Thomas Moldestad, who authored the script, Strandberg is recognized as the author of “The Conference,” a work of fiction, for his novel, which served as the basis for the movie.

The film tells an engaging story that is limited to fiction through the notion of an intense team-building exercise where employees must cooperate to survive.

Is It Worthwhile to Watch the Conference on Netflix?

The conference has so far gotten some favorable reviews, but it’s too soon to give it a Rotten Tomatoes rating.

“The conference brings nothing all that new to the slasher sub-genre,” stated Bloody Disgusting. However, the strong production values, engaging acting, and entertaining yet bloody killings enhance this movie. This horror comedy does a great job of combining the best aspects of both genres.

Heaven of Horror stated: “I kept expecting The Conference to take some stupid turn or have a lull in the tale, even though I was invested in it from the start. It simply never took place. I also thought it was great that almost everyone attempted to fight back. Not always in the greatest or most effective manner, but frequently by inventive methods. I truly mean it with this one: Watch it!”

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