Is Atz Lee still married to Jane Kilcher? Do Jane and Atz have children or not?


Is Atz Lee still married to Jane Kilcher? Do Jane and Atz have children or not?


Jane Kilcher, a former commercial fisherwoman, has been a Discovery Channel fixture since 2011. The star’s marriage to co-star Atz Lee has been revealed to viewers of Alaska: The Last Frontier through her appearances on the show.

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Jane and Atz have surely seen their fair share of ups and downs as any married pair would, and many individuals have pondered whether Jane, who currently appears on Bering Sea Gold, is still married. After all, Atz is Jane’s second husband, and reality television couples have a reputation for breaking up over time. Here is what we currently know.

Is Atz Lee still married to Jane Kilcher?

Jane and Atz’s marriage appeared to be unaffected by the reality television relationship curse. Despite rumors of a breakup, TheCinemaholic reports that Jane and Atz have been very stable since their wedding in November 2006, despite the fact that they reportedly got married.

Is Atz Lee still married to Jane Kilcher? 

Since then, the couple has persevered through adversity, including Altz’s near-fatal trekking accident in 2015.

Jane and Atz look to be doing well, other than the typical difficulties that a couple living off the land would have.

Jane and Atz had known each other since they were preteens but just chose to take their relationship to the next level as adults, according to TheCinemaholic. Obviously, everyone has a history, but it looks like the couple’s previous relationships ended just in time for their reunion.

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Do Jane and Atz have children or not?

Alaska The Last Frontier Jane Kilcher Shows Off What Discovery Won't

Jane and Atz now have two children, Pieper and Etienne, from prior relationships. Due to Jane and Atz’s desire to protect their children from social media trolls, however, viewers will not see the youngsters much on-screen.

Jane Kilcher’s previous marriage was with Dicran Kassouni

Before Jane appeared on television, she was married to an Alaskan called Dicran Kassouni. According to TheCinemaholic, little is known regarding the divorce of Jane and Dicran.

Jane Kilcher's previous marriage was with Dicran Kassouni

Jane never recognized in public her reasons for moving on. Dicran has likewise chosen to remain silent about the collapse of their marriage. Consequently, we can only conclude that Jane and Dicran were just not compatible.

The same holds true for Atz and his ex-wife, Etienne’s mother Nantia Krisintu. It may never be known why both parties chose to dissolve their past marriages.

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However, the fact that Jane and Atz maintain silent about their ex-spouses demonstrates how content they are. When you discover your soulmate, there is no necessity to rehash your previous relationships.

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