In Hellraiser 2022, Who Plays Nora?

Jeremy Caroll

It’s time to return to the puzzle box and prepare to be horrified by a variety of horrors from the horrific pain dimension. Hellraiser, a well-known Clive Barker work, has been remade for Hulu and has some stunning new tricks up its sleeve.

The most impressive performance is Jamie Clayton’s portrayal of the iconic Pinhead, who returns for another round. Although Doug Bradley is credited with giving the character his iconic status, he also stated that Clayton as Pinhead offers an intriguing new perspective.

As a result, the question remains: Who in their right mind would seek to solve a puzzle box that ensures Pinhead and the associated Cenobites will torture them indefinitely?

This subject is addressed in several sequels, but Riley (Odessa A’zion), a sober heroin addict who unintentionally becomes involved with the puzzle box from hell, is the main character in the most recent one (via IMDB). She’s traveling with a few other people, including Nora, who has acting and television credits that some fans may recognize.

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Aoife Hinds’s Outstanding Television Work

Despite the fact that Aoife Hinds is still relatively new to the entertainment industry, acting appears to be in her blood. Hinds is the son of celebrated Irish actor Ciarán Hinds and experienced actress Hélène Patarot. Despite her strong ancestry, Hinds has a long list of accomplishments to her name.

Who Plays Nora In 2022's Hellraiser?

Hinds made her film debut in “Derry Girls,” an Irish comedy, and later had a multi-episode storyline in “Normal People” (via IMDb). Hinds portrayed Helen, Connell’s (Paul Mescal) undergraduate girlfriend in the Hulu original, which was based on Sally Rooney’s well-known novel of the same name. In the end, his bond with Marianne was stronger than hers (Daisy Edgar-Jones).

She has since appeared in “Anne Boleyn,” an innovative adaptation of the English historical tale. The television series, starring Jodie Turner-Smith, depicts King Henry VIII’s infamous second wife in the months leading up to her execution.

Along with Smith, Hinds played Princess Mary, Henry’s equally infamous daughter. She became known as Bloody Mary after reclaiming the English monarchy for the Catholic church and initiating the country’s Protestant executions.

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Many actors have played these historical figures in the past, but “Anne Boleyn” was one of the most captivating. Despite having few credits to her name, Hinds has demonstrated that she has had a variety of roles prior to being cast in “Hellraiser.

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