In Good Hands Movie Ending Explained


In Good Hands Movie Ending Explained: Who was Can’s Father?


In Good Hands, a Turkish film available on Netflix is an emotional drama about a family. The family of Melisa, a single mother, and her son Can is altered when Melisa finds that she has a terminal illness.

She is concerned about Can’s upbringing after her death, and on the advice of her friend Fatos, she searches for a suitable replacement.

She meets the young and gorgeous businessman Firat by chance one day. Despite their initial differences, Melisa believes he is the ideal candidate for the position. Firat also likes Melisa and attempts to get along with her. Thus, they become friends and meet frequently.

In Good Hands Movie Ending Explained

But, Can does not agree. He believes that Firat invades his and his mother’s world. Yet Firat quickly gains his affection, and the two become friends.

In the meantime, Melisa’s health deteriorates and she declares her love for Firat. Firat reciprocates. While they are content with each other and with Can by their side, a startling surprise occurs. Can identify his alleged father, who he had been told was long dead, one day.

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In Good Hands: Here is the Ending Explain of the Turkish Netflix Movie

Firat resents Melisa for hiding this from Can. Later, Melisa shares another surprising fact. That Firat is Can’s actual biological father.

In Good Hands Movie Ending Explained

In the past, they had a one-night stand many years ago. Firat promised her that he will return after purchasing toilet paper as he was leaving.

He did not return, however. Can is born as a result of this one-night stand.

This causes Firat to feel bad, and he eventually returns to the life he shared with Melisa and Can.

Melisa’s condition deteriorates day by day, and after a night spent together, perhaps for the first time, and spent comforting one another, she leaves in the morning without saying goodbye.

In Good Hands Movie Ending Explained

When she departs, she takes with her the stacks of toilet paper that Melissa and Can have accumulated over time as a symbol of their return.

Melisa is aware that she will not be able to return this time. Thus, she removes all the toilet paper, leaving behind only a journal.

After this, Firat and Can become close friends. He has the same connection with Firat as he does with Melisa. In the final scene, we see them both on a ledge overlooking the ocean.

At that point, Firat passes Can the journal, which later becomes Melisa’s sketchbook. They observe how she photographs significant occasions in her life and recollects the promise of always being together.

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