I Am Jazz Season 8 Episode 3 Spoiler


I Am Jazz Season 8 Episode 3 Spoiler: What Happened in Episode 2?


I Am Jazz Season 8 Episode 3 Spoiler: What Happened in Episode 2? The third episode of season eight of I Am Jazz, titled These Boots Were Made for Walkin’, will be broadcast on TLC on February 7 at 10 p.m. ET. The program will also be made available on Discovery+ and TLC Go one day following its broadcast debut.

Jazz will go on a double date with Dayron, her brother Sander, and his date in this episode. According to an exclusive film, this is Jazz’s first date in four years, and the two couples will attend a private dancing lesson.

TLC describes the upcoming episode as follows:

“Following Jazz’s meltdown, Jeanette outsources help but gets disturbing feedback. Meanwhile, Jazz goes on her first date in four years. Nervous over a kiss, she tries her best to stay out of her head but struggles when a dance lesson goes awry.”

I Am Jazz season 8 episode 3 Spoiler and Expectation

This week on I Am Jazz, Jeanette will visit a psychic to assist with her daughter’s mental health difficulties. Jazz disclosed in a prior episode that she suffered from anxiety and felt “stupid and confused” daily.

Jeanette will not be thrilled with the psychic’s response, which will require her to make significant life choices for Jazz’s sake.

The latter will struggle to comprehend dancing instructor Maria’s directions and will criticize Dayron for asking her to imitate the instructor’s hair flip. In the video, she states:

“I’m getting a little uncomfortable because Maria does her hair flip, and Dayron is kind of like ‘Jazz, you do it! You do it!'”

Dayron will also inquire as to why Jazz is so nervous, which will make her feel awkward as she believes she is “projecting negative feelings” on her date. She will add the following:

“I wish people understood that dating as a trans person is really hard because transgender people are immediately judged and ostracized for who they are”

Jazz will inform Dayron that she is open to a long-distance relationship because she has returned to Harvard after the holiday break.

I Am Jazz season 8 Episode 3 Quick Fact

Series Name I Am Jazz season 8
Episode 3
Genre Reality television
Country of Origin America
Origin Language English
Available Languages English
Release Date February 7, 2023
Available On TLC and Discovery+
Studio No Information
Trailer Yes

I Am Jazz season 8 Episode 2 Review

I Am Jazz Season 8 Episode 3 Spoiler: What Happened in Episode 2?

On I Am Jazz last week, a 22-year-old transgender activist was surprised to receive a “cruel” comment on a dating website. Jazz opted to conceal the information from her mother, who warned her that internet dating might be extremely harmful.

She disclosed that “transgender” was stated on her profile and could not comprehend why she was being blamed for something she cannot control. Later, Jeanette discovered the truth and was distressed to learn that her daughter was being mistreated.

Jazz developed a social media video to promote her state-banned book on growing up as a transgender youngster. The video became viral and garnered favorable feedback. Jeanette requested that Jazz bring her brother Sander along on her date with Dayron, much to Jazz’s displeasure.

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