I am a Killer Season 3 Review (1)


I am a Killer Season 3 Review: Criminals Who Confess Things That Raise Questions

Jeremy Caroll

The third season of the Netflix original series I am a Killer is now available, complete with all new episodes. The most recent season features a total of 6 episodes, each of which is between 40 and 45 minutes long. The participants on the show are convicts who have been convicted of actual crimes in the United States and are currently serving their sentences. Ross Young, Ned Parker, Zoe Hines, James Tovell, Jeremy Truner, and Stuart Powell are all members of the team of directors.

The following is an excerpt from the show’s synopsis: “This true-crime documentary series examines the death penalty as well as the personal situations that can lead a person to murder.”

There are six episodes in the third season of the Netflix show I am a Killer. These episodes are titled as follows: A Question of Loyalty, Someone Else, History Repeating, Blackout, and Rolling the Dice.

In each episode, we meet a new criminal who reveals some information about themselves, including their history and the circumstances that led to the crime that landed them in such a severe sentence. Victoria Smith, Deryl Madison, Daniel Paulsrud, James Walker, and David Cameron Keith are some of the prisoners who are currently serving their sentences for the offense.

After the inmate has presented their side of the story at the beginning of each episode, the police, investigators, and attorneys will take the floor, and finally, members of the inmate’s family or other people with ties to the case will recount what happened.

I am a Killer Season 3 Review (1)

The creators of the show open the first episode by revealing some shocking information to us. The following is an excerpt from the provided text: “More than 8,000 persons are found guilty of murder in the United States each year. Fewer than half of these individuals admit to committing the crime. The spectator is left uncertain about what they should believe after reading the book, viewing the episodes, and considering the various versions of the story.

When someone commits a crime, their first concern is protecting themselves from being apprehended; as a result, they will never confess to engaging in illegal activity. However, in I am a Killer Season 3 on Netflix, even when the criminals accept responsibility for their criminal activities, they still place the blame on their past, their mental state, or the situation.

A man who served in the military and who plainly had experience working with firearms denies that he intentionally shot his sweetheart. He claims that he unlocked the revolver by accident, which is what caused the bullet to go directly through his fiancee’s chest, causing her to pass away. However, the police and the individual’s family members have a very troubling account of how the individual handled his spouse.

The true-crime tales are quite unsettling, and the manner in which they are relayed to us, which is very clear, is very compelling. The directors did not sensationalize or overdramatize anything, which is something that has been done to an excessive degree in a lot of crime documentaries as of late. I really appreciated how some episodes came to a conclusion that increased our suspicions about the detainees’ stories.

I am a Killer Season 3 Review (1)

In one of the episodes, the question of whether or not people with intellectual disabilities should be eligible for the death penalty is discussed. There are some persons who conduct crimes but are unaware of the gravity of their actions at the time.

So the question is, does it make sense to execute them? The conversation is brought to the forefront in one of the episodes that stands out as being among the most unsettling in the series. However, the offender in this case was also addicted to drugs. As a result, I am once more left with a sense of ambiguity about the confession made by the murderer.

There are many cases of tough situations when one is left wondering what is right and what is wrong. One of these instances is as follows: But one thing is for certain: not everyone has the same interpretation of what constitutes a serious crime. Arguments against the use of the death penalty can be found in many different places of the world for this same reason.

I Am a Killer Season 3 Review: Final Thoughts

In general, Netflix has succeeded in producing yet another sinister and gripping crime documentary series. The execution is straightforward and authentic.

The series reveals both the perspective of the criminals who committed the acts as well as that of the victims who suffered as a result of the criminals’ conduct. In spite of the fact that some people attribute it to their mental state and their history, I still regard such assertions to be suspect.

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