Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date, Cast, and Why Was Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Delayed?


Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date, Cast, and Why Was Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Delayed?

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The anime series Hunter X Hunter received immediate critical acclaim when Madhouse Animation revived it in 2011.

To put it mildly, some have dubbed it the “greatest anime series ever” — at least, that’s what Adrian Marcano of Inverse claims.

X Hunter Since 1998, Hunter has been producing manga. Yoshiro Togashi, the manga’s author, illustrator, and storyteller, has had to postpone the project numerous times.

Hunter X Hunter Season 6 premiered more than eight years ago in 2014, and the most recent manga was released in October 2018. As a result, viewers are very interested in finding out how Gon Freecss’s story concludes.

Madhouse has remained mum regarding a potential anime season 7 ever since season 6 came to an end.

However, recent activity from Togashi and other show-related creators has fans speculating about the possibility of a seventh season of Hunter X Hunter!

Is ‘Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Happening?

Yoshihiro Togashi, the author, recently confirmed in a tweet that he has resumed work on new Hunter x Hunter manga material. This is the only information we have, and it is not guaranteed that Madhouse will renew the show for another season. But, in any case, this is good news because there will soon be more source material for a new potential season.

Madhouse has yet to announce plans to renew Hunter X Hunter for new seasons.

They’re currently preoccupied with other projects and have released several anime series and films in recent years. It’s also worth noting that the source material for an anime adaptation has already been exhausted in previous seasons. We now have more hope for a new season, thanks to the arrival of the new source material.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Possible Release Date

There is currently no release date for Hunter X Hunter Season 7. Season 7 could be released as soon as 2024, depending on whether Madhouse decides to continue the series.

The release date will be determined by how long Togashi takes to complete the next manga installment.

Why Has Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Been Delayed?

The current lack of manga material is the primary reason for Hunter X Hunter’s season 7 delay.

Madhouse does not have enough completed stories to adapt into a full season until Togashi can publish more manga.

Togashi spoke openly about the manga in an interview with Weekly Shonen Jump in May 2018.

Togashi stated during the interview, “I need to finish writing ‘Hunter x Hunter.'” It’s gotten to the point where either the story ends first, or I die before it does. But I intend to complete it.”

He has always expressed a desire to finish Hunter X Hunter.

Why Has Hxh Season 7 Been Delayed?

Previous gaps were not an issue for Madhouse because there was already enough material published to work on new anime.

The Hunter X Hunter manga then went on its longest hiatus yet. As a result, the anime was able to catch up to the manga.

Fans were unsure whether Madhouse would ever adapt more manga.

Though Togashi is currently working on the new Hunter X Hunter manga, he has stated that the next arc (the Succession Contest Arc) will be even longer than the Chimera Ant arc (which was the longest anime and manga arc of the series).

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Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Plot

As Madhouse is unlikely to adopt an unfinished arc, the anime’s seventh season could be delayed even further.

Hunter X Hunter Season 6 was filled with emotion and inspiration. Gon was reunited with his father, the reason he became a hunter in the first place.

The Dark Continent arc follows both new and returning characters as they journey through the forbidden Dark Continent.

Ging Freecss stated at the end of Season 6 that he wanted to explore this unknown location, introducing the general concept of the Dark Continent.

The plot of Season 7 would begin with the Kakin empire wanting to expand its land by embarking on an expedition led by Beyond Netero to explore the Dark Continent.

In the manga’s plot, Kurapika Kurta is brought on board just as several other characters—including Ging Freecss and the Zodiacs—become a part of the expedition.

The expedition into the Dark Continent starts with the support of the V5.

But the group has never been anywhere like this before. They have never encountered anything as dangerous and mystical as the magic and the creatures that inhabit it.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Plot

The Dark Continent arc expands on the Kurta Clan massacre by giving readers a better understanding of Kurapaki’s motivations.

The fatal competition on board the Black Whale ship while en route to the Dark Continent will be included in the story if season 7 also features the Succession Contest arc from the manga.

The winner of the competition will succeed the current Prince as King of Kalkin.

It is unclear how season 7 would conclude if it included the Succession arc because the manga adaptation of the arc has not yet concluded.

When Will the Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Trailer Be Released?

There have been very few official Hunter X Hunter season 7 teasers, aside from a few potentially Hunter X Hunter-related social media posts from Gon and Killua’s voice actors.

If everything goes as planned, Madhouse could release a trailer for the new season in 2023.

Since the conclusion of season 6, there has been little information from Madhouse about season 7 or the Hunter X Hunter franchise in general.

As previously stated, this is most likely due to a lack of material to warrant a new season, as well as a lack of trailers or clips to show fans… for the time being!

Given that two of the series’ main voice actors have teased fans with cryptic social media posts possibly referring to Hunter X Hunter, fans may not have to wait long for new content.

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With Togashi now well enough to begin work on the next Hunter X Hunter manga, season 7 could be ready by 2024.

This means Madhouse will most likely begin teasing the new Hunter X Hunter by the end of 2023.

Where Can I Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 7?

Because season 7 of Hunter X Hunter has yet to be announced, it is not yet known where fans will be able to watch the new series.

Having said that, Madhouse has been fairly consistent in how it has distributed the show’s previous six seasons.

To begin, the season will most likely air in Japan but will be available to view on Crunchyroll. When the English dub is finished, fans will most likely be able to watch it on Toonami.

Other streaming services, such as Netflix, may not have the new season available right away.

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