How to Watch Cobra Kai Season 5; Also Check Ending Explained


How to Watch Cobra Kai Season 5; Also Check Ending Explained


The Cobra Kai Season 5 finale resolved many issues, but it also opened up some new possibilities for Cobra Kai Season 6.

Everyone should have had a chance to watch all ten episodes in the two weeks since it debuted on Netflix. Here’s where things left off in Cobra Kai Season 5 and what needs to happen in a sixth season.

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How to Watch Cobra Kai Season 5 Online?

Season five of “Cobra Kai” is now available exclusively on Netflix. The new season’s ten episodes premiered on September 9. The first four seasons of the show are also available on Netflix. Seasons one and two are also still available on YouTube Premium.

A Netflix Basic subscription costs $10 per month and includes standard definition (SD) streaming on a single device. A Netflix Standard plan costs $15.49 per month and includes high-definition (HD) streaming on two devices at once.

Finally, a Netflix Premium plan costs $20 per month and includes 4K HDR streaming on up to four devices at the same time.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Ending Explained

The Cobra Kai students were ecstatic after winning the All-Valley Karate Tournament and expanding their dojos across the Valley. To them, Miyagi-Do was simply breaking the agreement by continuing to practice.

However, Miyagi-Do revealed to the Cobra Kais who Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) truly was. They hacked into security footage and discovered Silver admitting to cheating during the tournament.

How to Watch Cobra Kai Season 5; Also Check Ending Explained

They uploaded a video of Silver admitting to Tory (Peyton List) that he paid off the judge to YouTube, which was shown to everyone in the dojo. Terry then threatened Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) once more.

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With the help of his family this time, Daniel demonstrated to the Cobra Kai students how Miyagi-balance Do’s was more formidable than Silver’s aggression. He was able to stop Quicksilver and, of course, used the crane kick from the first Karate Kid film.

“The roots are strong, so the tree will survive,” Daniel said, quoting Karate Kid III. Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) broke a prized bonsai tree, but the roots were strong enough to heal it. It’s a parable. Because Stingray (Paul Walter Hauser) told the truth, Silver was arrested for framing Kreese (Martin Kove).

This is the logical conclusion to Silver’s story. We don’t mind seeing more of Griffith, but his modern-day attempt to take over the valley and sabotage Daniel has failed. If we never see Silver again, we’ll know Miyagi-Do has defeated him once more.

Is John Kreese Dead in Cobra Kai Season 5?

Kreese didn’t wait for Stingray to clear things up while he was in jail. He also tried to be good with the therapist in the prison. In the end, Kreese had to use the same tricks he had used before.

At the start of the season finale, it looked like Kreese was going to die. In fact, Kreese and Chozen seemed to be going all Game of Thrones on Cobra Kai Season 5. (Yuji Okumoto). It looked like Kreese got shivved while trying to stop a fight in prison.

How to Watch Cobra Kai Season 5; Also Check Ending Explained

Kreese made fake blood out of the red jelly that has been important all season. Then he broke out of prison by stealing a doctor’s coat. During their last session, he had also taken the therapist’s key card. Kreese will come back to get his own back, but this is a complicated situation.

Even if you were never guilty, it is still a crime to break out of prison. So Kreese will still have to watch out for the law over his shoulder.

How Many Episodes Are in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5?

Season five of “Cobra Kai” has a total of ten episodes. Each of the first four seasons had ten episodes.

Has Cobra Kai Been Renewed for Season 6?

Cobra Kai” has not been officially renewed for a sixth season as of September 9. The decision on whether or not to renew the show for another season will most likely be made in the coming weeks as Netflix examines the viewership numbers for season five.

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