House of the Dragon Episode 6: Trailer, Release Date, Where to Watch?

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Fans of the prequel series House of the Dragon, which is based on Game of Thrones, are becoming more and more invested in the show with each new episode. The show is already in the middle of its current season, and things have begun to heat up as the competition to become the King’s heir has become more intense.

The fifth episode of the program was just just made available to fans and critics alike, and it was met with overwhelmingly enthusiastic reactions from both groups. The crowd is currently holding their breath in anticipation of the upcoming show. But when is it going to be available? Continue reading to discover out.

House of the Dragon Episode 6 Release Date

This coming Sunday, September 25, both HBO and HBO Max will air the first episode of the sixth season of the series. The episode will be available for viewing at nine o’clock in the evening Eastern Standard Time, which is equivalent to six o’clock in the evening Pacific Standard Time, eight o’clock in the evening Central Standard Time, two o’clock in the morning British Standard Time (September 26), three o’clock in the morning Central Eastern Standard Time (September 26), and six thirty in the morning Indian Standard Time (September 26).

The first season of the show will begin on October 23, 2022, and will continue for a total of ten episodes till October 23, 2022. After the next episode in the series, which will feature a 10-year time leap, the actors who play young Rhaenyra and Alicent, namely Milly Alcock and Emily Carey, will say their goodbyes to the show and will be replaced by older actors, Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke. The next episode in the series will feature a time jump.

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House of the Dragon Episode 6 Trailer

HBO has also distributed a preview for the episode, and it looks just as exciting as you would expect it to be. After falling during the wedding of Princess Rhaenyra and Ser Laenor Velaryon, King Viserys is still alive, despite the fact that he appeared to have died. The turbulent connection that exists between Queen Alicent and Princess Rhaenyra will be the primary subject of the episode that has been given the title “The Princess and the Queen.”

Following the incredible occurrences of the fifth episode, Queen Alicent is doing everything in her power to place her son Aegon as the heir to the Iron Throne, which is now occupied by Princess Rhaenyra. In the meantime, Daemon has not been spotted in the past ten years; it will be fascinating to learn what he has been up to in that time. Check out the promo video down below.

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What Happen in Episode 5 of House of the Dragon

The most recent episode included the royal wedding between Princess Rhaenyra and Ser Laenor, which quickly turned bloody as Ser Criston brutally assaulted and killed Ser Joffrey Lonmouth, Laenor’s love interest, as mayhem erupted during the ceremony. Ser Laenor’s wedding dress was also covered in blood.

During the same episode, Prince Daemon was shown crushing the head of his wife, Lady Rhea, with a stone in order to get rid of her. Now that he has completed his first marriage, he is free to wed again, and he has his sights set on the daughter of Lord Corlys, Lady Laena Velaryon.

While all is going on, Alicent is understandably upset because her father has been demoted from his post as Hand of the King and has been ordered to return. When she finds out that Rhaenyra has been lying to her under oath and that she actually had a sexual relationship with Ser Criston, her rage grows to a boiling point. In a another thread of the story, the King’s health continued to deteriorate, and towards the end of the episode, he was found unconscious.

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Are you looking forward to seeing what happens in the next segment of the fantasy show? Tell us in the next part, shall we?

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