History 101 Season 2 and Season 1 Review and Spoiler!


History 101 Season 2 and Season 1 Recap and Spoiler!


The second season of the Netflix series History 101 premiered on the streaming service on August 25, 2022.

The title of the Netflix documentary series History 101 is rather deceptive. Instead of more usual historical subjects, the second season of the show focuses on credit cards and high-fructose corn syrup. Even if some of the tales it tells span decades, it seems weird to classify it as a history show. It is neither popular culture nor history in the traditional sense.

In small 20-minute episodes, History 101 provides a glimpse into the history of these commonplace objects, examining their origins and current locations. It seeks to summarise the controversies and advantages of the topics under discussion. Credit Cards, Psychedelics, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Dating Apps are among the episodes featured.

History 101 Season 2 and Season 1 Review and Spoiler!

The show brings the themes to life by combining vintage video and B-roll with well-crafted animations. Despite the occasional cheesiness of the voice-over narration, the series resembles YouTube videos of a similar nature in general. It is the type of program that you may watch if you have access to it on Netflix, but would not pay for it.

Some episodes are more in-depth than others, while others give material with an obvious slant. Even with beautiful infographics and video clips, it is impossible to condense the material into twenty-minute explanations for the majority of the topics. The “Bottled Water” and “Lasers” episodes were particularly intriguing since they disclosed a history that most people would not know, but the “IVF” episode provided only material that anyone knowledgeable about the subject would already know.

If you’re searching for a concise introduction to a variety of topics, the second season of History 101 is a worthwhile option. You will not find an in-depth examination or an intriguing perspective on any of these topics here.

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History 101 Season 1 Review

Every month, Netflix releases a plethora of documentaries, proving that the platform has a solid grip on the genre in its different forms. This week is unlikely to excite documentary fans, but there is a new, easy-to-watch documentary series airing this week. Historical 101 on Netflix provides bite-sized history courses on numerous topics; in essence, it’s Explained for history. There is absolutely nothing to complain about here.

History 101 provides archive film, snapshot statistics, and graphs, and a reassuring narrator who relays the figures and remarks as we live in our own critical moment of history with the world striving against unimaginable conditions. In the pilot episode, the fast-food industry’s exponential growth into a $560 billion global sector and emergence as a human phenomenon are discussed.

The facts are not novel, nor are the downsides; for example, we are all aware that the fast-food sector has significantly contributed to the obesity pandemic in the United States and Europe. Clearly, the Netflix documentary series strives to examine both sides of an issue.

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