His Dark Materials Season 3 Ending: Will and Lyra are permanently separated


His Dark Materials Season 3 Ending: Will and Lyra are Permanently Separated?


His Dark Materials Season 3 Ending: The third and final season of His Dark Materials closed in the same heartbreaking manner as the novel, leaving the audience in tears. So what was the point? Here is an explanation of the conclusion and what we know about a prospective sequel to Philip Pullman’s Book of Dust novel series.

After freeing the land of the dead from their captivity and preserving the multiverse, Lyra and Will realize their love for one another with the assistance of Mary Malone finally completing her duty as the snake.

The realization’s power restores dust to the realms, but the couple is handed a devastating blow when it is discovered that Dust will inevitably depart the worlds if the windows between them remain open. Due to the fact that Will and Lyra are from different planets and cannot dwell in a different world for very long without their daemons dying, they must be separated forever.

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Will and Lyra are permanently separated

In their emotional farewell, they agree that regardless of what happens, they will both sit on a bench that exists in both worlds at the same time every year, knowing that the other is there as well – thus in a sense, they are together.

The series concludes with Lyra and Will fulfilling their vow by sitting on the bench year after year, before revealing that they both went on to lead fulfilling lives in their separate worlds.

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However, the conclusion also alludes to a future voyage for Lyra and her daemon Pantalaimon, referencing the Book of Dust series.

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After the first novel, which is set before the events of His Dark Materials, the second volume follows twenty-year-old Lyra as she embarks on a new endeavor. So, will a film adaptation of The Book of Dust be produced?

Jane Tranter commented on the possible spin-off: “As Philip Pullman describes it, there is an ‘equal,’ which is La Belle Sauvage, and a sequel, which is The Secret Commonwealth.

I have made no secret of the fact that I am eager to adapt The Book of Dust, and Philip has already expressed his desire for us to do so. However, he must complete the third book.

Dafne might return to her role as Lyra as an adult

“We’d love to do that, but you’ll need to ring the bell really loudly for that as well, so we can get HBO and the BBC to confirm that it’s an absolutely done deal.

They are really pleased with this third season and the overall advantage that His Dark Materials has brought them — it has performed exceptionally well for the BBC on iPlayer… as well as HBO Max.”

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Regarding a hypothetical adaptation, Philip Pullman told The Times that it would be a “The first part of The Book of Dust is set 10 years before His Dark Materials, and the second part jumps ahead twenty years.

This creates a structural problem. In the first, Lyra is a newborn, and in the second, she is roughly 20 years old “, however adapting preparations are in place.

On whether this implies Dafne Keen will reprise her role as an adult Lyra, he replied, “Well, it does, but she’s such a talented actress that her schedule is probably occupied for years.”

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Is there His Dark Materials Season 4?

The fourth season of His Dark Materials hasn’t been confirmed yet, and it looks like it might not happen.

The main reason is that each season of the HDM TV show is based on one of Philip Pullman’s books from his trilogy. The first two books, Northern Lights and The Subtle Knife, are thought to be the basis for seasons one and two. Season three is thought to be based on the last book, The Amber Spyglass.

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