Hatching Release Date: Further Information About the Same

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Hatching is a body horror film set in 2022 Finland about a teenage gymnast who tries frantically to satisfy her controlling mother. The girl conceals an odd egg and keeps it warm after discovering it. What ultimately comes out is mind-boggling.

The Silva Mysterium Oy production stars Siiri Solalinna, Sophia Heikkila, Jani Volanen, Oiva Ollila, and Reino Nordin and is directed by Hanna Bergholm, who is making her feature debut, from a script written by Ilja Rautsi.

Hanna Bergholm, who directed the 2018 film Puppet Master and the 2009 film Varjot, is most recognised for her direction in Hatching: The Upcoming Horror Story Film. The plot follows a young, motivated gymnast as she tries to keep up with her demanding mother. The film’s plot is written by the well-known Ilja Rautsi. “Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre” and “Spandex Sapiens” are two of his most well-known works.


Watch the official trailer for “Hatching,” a new Finnish horror film about a little girl whose world is turned upside down when she discovers a mysterious egg hatching a bizarre monster.

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In the woods, a twelve-year-old girl discovers an unusual bird egg. She resolves to care for it while keeping it hidden. However, a peculiar egg grows to human size, much to her amazement. After then, it hatches… Things just get stranger from there. Hanne Bergholm, a Finnish filmmaker, makes her feature film debut with this picture. Siiri Solalinna, Sophia Heikkila, Saija Lentonen, and Jani Volanen are the actors.

In a Nutshell, the Plot of the Movie 2022

Tinja, 12, is trying to satisfy her mother, a lady preoccupied with projecting the ideal family image. Tinja discovers a weird egg one night. It’s incredible what turns up.

Story of the Hatching

Tinja, a teenage gymnast, is at the core of the film’s plot. She is driven to be a successful gymnast, but she cannot manage her mother’s expectations. Tinja, on the other hand, does her best to please her overbearing mother, who is a blogger. The mother is seen filming a vlog in the initial scene of the video, but it quickly turns into a nightmare as a flock of birds unexpectedly enters her pristine home and destroys practically everything they can. Tinja is seen later that evening strolling through a foggy woodland and discovering an egg. She toughs it with a black egg that has lately taken flight from there.

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She brought the egg back to her house and hid it beneath her bed. Egg begins to get larger, and a scary bird-like thing emerges from it, much to her amazement. The bird took flight, but Tinja, who was yearning for food, sought to feed her constantly. However, feeding the bird is risky, and the bird has caused her many terrifying times in her life. Tinja’s reaction to all of this, as well as her mother’s requests, is fascinating to see.


The Cast of the Hatching

Siiri Solalinna plays a young gymnast and Sophia Heikkila’s daughter in the film. Sophia is noted for her character immersion role in “Invisible Heroes” and “Idiomatic,” in which she played a mother. Jani Volnen appears as the young gymnast’s father. Jani has also acted in films such as “Ihmebantu” and “The Mine,” in which he gave his greatest performance.

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Tinja, a 12-year-old gymnast, is trying to satisfy her image-obsessed mother, whose famous blog ‘Lovely Everyday Life’ portrays their ideal life as groomed suburban perfection. Tinja carries an unusual egg home from the woods one day after spotting an injured bird. She nestles it in her bed and nourishes it until it hatches. Tinja’s greatest friend and worst fear collide, forcing her under the flawless exterior into a dark reality her mother refuses to see…

Release Date

According to initial reports, The Film will be released on April 29, 2022, in all US theatres.

What to Look Out for Hatching

After its first release, the film will be accessible in theatres and on OTT services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Disney+, and Hulu.


Hatching Movie Cast and Characters

Jani Volanen as Father

Reino Nordin as Tero

Siiri Solalinna as Tinja/Alli

Saija Lentonen as Coach

Sophia Heikkilä as Mother

Stefano Douaihy

Oiva Ollila as Matias

Hertta Karen as Alli early stages 2

Jonna Aaltonen as Alli early stages 1

Aada Punakivi as Gym Friend

Hertta Nieminen as Gym Friend

Stella Leppikorpi as Gym Friend


“If the aviary’s misshapen looks aren’t awful enough, its feeding habits will undoubtedly elicit a reaction.” Hatching, on the other hand, isn’t purely based on gross-out moments. Tinja’s pristine home life stands in stark contrast to Alli’s ugliness. Transitioning from beautiful rose-filled gardens to a big bird-like monster hiding beneath a bed is startling.” AIPT

“If you can stomach horror and can endure watching anything this uncomfortable, I don’t recommend viewing Hatching.” This one has a lot of extra icky, extra odd, crazy-@ss stuff going on, the most of it involves the hideous monster that hatches from the gigantic egg she nourishes. And the monster design, as well as the actual effects, are incredible.” 

“…Hatching is diluted in the last act, which can’t seem to find the right balance between empathy and lunacy. Tjina has already hatched something bizarre and nourished it through a series of outsized emotions and adventures, but as the trip becomes more outward and concrete, the insular tale becomes less ungainly and less interesting. Bergholm and Rautsi have cracked open a fantastically strange narrative, but it can’t quite extend its wings wide enough.”

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