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Guilt Season 1: Cast in Detail!

Jeremy Caroll

Fortunately, the cast of Guilt isn’t as shady and secretive as their roles, but they’re all interesting in their own right. Learn everything there is to know about the performers, including their perspectives on their roles and some surprising facts about their lives and careers.

Mark Bonnar as Max

The Character:

Bonnar plays Max, the older brother of the series’ central criminal couple. “Max is a high-flying lawyer,” Bonnar said of his complex and unlikable persona.

Guilt Season 1

“Some may believe Max is slightly sociopathic, but I believe his background, desire, and ambition, as well as the situation he’s in, all combine to show him not at his best!” I don’t believe he’s beyond salvation or empathy.”

The Actor:

Bonnar was no stranger to his co-star and on-screen brother, Jamie Sives. He attributes it to their on-screen chemistry. “[Jamie and I] went to Leith Academy [Scotland] together in the 1980s,” Bonnar explained. “We didn’t really hang out in the same circles, but we clearly had a connection and a nice chuckle whenever we sat together in class.

” Twenty years later, when I realized he was an actor, we began to cross paths, went to one other’s shows, and stayed in touch. So when Guilt came along, there was no one else in my mind to play my brother. It was a match made in heaven; we have a beautiful friendship, he’s a wonderful human being, and he’s a great actor.”

Jamie Sives as Jake

The Character:

Sives portrays Jamie, who is brother Max’s complete antithesis. He is artistic, and sensitive, and displays his emotions openly.

Guilt Season 1 (1)

Jake is the more reserved brother, according to Sives. He is mystical, intellectual, and fairly gentle. As it turns out, Jake is a little bit of a hippy, in contrast to his realistic brother Max, and he harbors some anger over his unfulfilled existence.

Jake’s guilt consumes him, whilst his brother Max first maintains his composure and cool about covering up the crime and moving on as if nothing happened. To him, this is a significant, life-altering event, whereas Max immediately jumps into trying to resolve the issue without morality or scruples.

As Angie, Ruth Bradley

Bradley portrays Angie, Walter’s American niece, who was slain by Max and Jake. Despite the fact that she rarely knew her uncle, she spends time handling his business and considering what happened before his passing. Bradley was drawn to the actress’s character as well as the larger plot.

Guilt Season 1 (2)

She’s quite cool, self-sufficient, and not easily rattled, Bradley told Drama Quarterly. She is entirely unique for me to perform; I have never played anyone at all like her. She exudes a calm and collected quality that I don’t possess at all in real life, so that’s excellent for me.

Sheila is Ellie Haddington

Sheila, Walter’s “nice” neighbor, is the only one who saw the crime happen. She took care of Walter before his tragic passing and first presents as innocent, but when she becomes involved in the brothers’ wrongdoing, her demeanor changes.

Guilt Season 1 (3)

According to Haddington, who spoke to The Herald Scotland, “There is a heck of a lot of twists and turns and that made it incredibly fascinating to work on.” Even as performers, we kept asking ourselves, “Hold on, do I know that yet? There is constant backward and forward movement for all the characters throughout, which drip-feeds your information constantly.

You may have seen Haddington on shows like Spies of Warsaw, Ripper Street, and Coronation Street before she became a nosy neighbor. Additionally, she has acted in movies including Creation, Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them, and Enola Holmes. Fans of MASTERPIECE might be familiar with Haddington from his roles in Foyle’s War and Season 5 of Endeavour.

The Character:

Akandé portrays Tina, Claire’s workout buddy who quickly turns into an alluring diversion from reality for Claire. But neither of them has it as easy as they think. She told the Sunday Post, “When I read more about Tina, I knew I would love to play the role, so when I got the call, I was ecstatic.

“What you see is not always what Tina is, and she’s a bit of a mystery. I’ve never had the chance to portray a role like that before; she develops episode by episode. I was intrigued.

The Actor

Akandé also discussed her hopes for and contribution to those hopes in an interview with The Sunday Post. “I hope that young, women of color who are considering pursuing this as a career will see me on their screens or on stage and realize that they, too, can achieve that goal.

Since I didn’t have a lot of it when I was growing up, it’s good to know that opportunities are now being given to folks like me that perhaps weren’t there ten years before.

As Claire, Siân Brooke

The Character:

Claire and Max have a comfortable existence together, but Claire starts to wonder if Max is keeping anything from her. Additionally, she begins to doubt everything she believes about herself and her life’s choices as a result of her new acquaintance with a gym partner.

Where You’ve Before Seen Her: Fans of MASTERPIECE, are you familiar with Brooke? She has appeared in a number of MASTERPIECE programs, such as Sherlock as Elizabeth/Eurus Holmes, Inspector Lewis, and Foyle’s War. Alongside her Sherlock co-star Benedict Cumberbatch, she has also appeared in shows like Good Omens, Meadowlands, and a live version of Hamlet at the National Theatre.

Kenny played by Emun Elliott

As Ke, Emun Elliott The Character: Kenny, a private investigator who works with Max, has a failing marriage and a failing profession as a result of his drinking. Inviting Kenny to look into Walter’s death, Max is counting on Kenny’s incompetence.

Guilt Season 1 (4)

Kenny, however, reveals themself to be far smarter than he seems. Where You’ve Previously Seen Him Elliott has had a variety of TV appearances, including those in Clique, The Paradise, and Game of Thrones Season 1 as John Moray, Marillion, and Marillion. Other movies in which he has acted include Prometheus and Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

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