Gary Hinge’s True Story: is It Similar to Kenny Veach’s Stories?


Gary Hinge’s True Story: Is It Similar to Kenny Veach’s Stories?


Horror in the High Desert’s horrific end to Gary Hinge’s amateur hiking career leaves fans with more questions than answers, raising anticipation for the next sequel.

The film’s use of discovered video has convinced some viewers that Gary Hinge is a genuine person. Filmmaker Dutch Marich stated in an interview with Dread Central that he wants viewers to relate to Gary:

“The mockumentary style lends itself to ultimate realism, which, to my mind, implies that leaving certain things unresolved is not only appropriate but also strengthens reality. Gary was not intended to be a mere prop for the film, but rather a fully realized character.”

Gary Hinge’s Story is Similar to Kenny Veach’s 2014 Disappearance

Gary Hinge’s narrative is very similar to Kenny Veach’s abduction, however, the directors of Horror in the High Desert have not acknowledged that the film is based on true events.

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Kenny, like Gary, disappeared when his internet following persuades him to explore an unexplained occurrence in the Nevada desert.

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Kenny, known online as snakebitmgee, claimed to have discovered a strange cave with a “perfect capital M”-shaped entrance. Veach proceeded:

“I typically enter every cave I discover, but when I entered this one, my entire body began to vibrate. When I approached the cave entrance, the vibrations intensified. Immediately, I got terrified and bolted from the area.

Fans were upset when Veach failed to locate the secret cave during a subsequent expedition. Kenny was harassed by disgruntled fans to return to the desert in quest of the ‘M’ cave. Kenny failed to return from his journey.

Due to Veach’s significant trekking knowledge, his followers did not fear for his safety. Kenny wrote, “I have a really good safety record.”

In his most recent video, Kenny was standing next to an abandoned mining shaft. On November 22, 2014, rescue personnel discovered his phone near the mining shaft.

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The phone was the final crucial item discovered during the search for Kenny Veach. His mysterious disappearance prompted crazy conspiracy theories, such as the extraterrestrial abduction theory. Several admirers speculated that the government was responsible for the disappearance of Veach.

After some time, an Internet user claiming to be Veach’s girlfriend said Kenny had committed himself in a remark. The remark read:

“I want you to know that I do not think Kenny had an accident. I believe he committed suicide. He battled depression for so many years and would not take medication or see a doctor. He quit his job a little more than a year before he disappeared.”

Sheraton Pilgrim said Veach left his phone behind so that authorities could not follow him. She further claimed that Kenny’s failure to bring his video camera on the solo climb indicated that he had no intention of filming anything.

She stated, “I had many good experiences with Kenny and will always remember them and cherish him and the beautiful things we did together.”

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There are some differences between Gary Hinge and Kenny Veach’s narratives, but the similarities are more noticeable.

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