Floor is Lava Season 3: Confirm Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and More!


Floor is Lava Season 3: Confirm Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and More!

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The popular game show Floor Is Lava will premiere on Netflix in June 2020. Megan McGrath and Irad Eyal created the show. Another season of Floor is Lava will be available on Netflix soon.

Yes, you read that correctly. Season 3 of Floor Is Lava will be available on Netflix in September. Floor Is Lava, the show in which teams compete to navigate lava-filled rooms by leaping from chairs, hanging from curtains, and swinging from chandeliers, is set to return to the small screen.

Who is the season’s host? When will the show air? Where can I watch Floor Is Lava Season 3 online? All of these questions are addressed in the plot below:

Floor is Lava Season 3 Release Date

Are you looking forward to the return of one of Netflix’s most popular gaming shows, Floor Is Lava? Yes, the streaming service has renewed the show for a third season, which will premiere in September.

According to Sportskeeda, Floor Is Lava Season 3 will premiere on Netflix on September 30, 2022, with 15 new teams of daring players competing to race to the top of a towering volcano for a $10,000 prize.

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We’re all looking forward to seeing who wins the show and gets a toast. So, mark your calendars for Friday, September 30, to watch the extraordinary gaming show that will debut on Netflix.

Floor is Lava Season 3 Cast

Is Rutledge Wood, the popular host, returning for Season 3 of Floor Is Lava? Yes, indeed! Rutledge Wood is back as a host, guiding competitors through the problematic obstacle courses, where participants are expected to avoid the floor as if their lives depended on it.

This time, fifteen daring teams will compete for the grand prize of $10,000 at the show. Arthur Smith, Anthony Carbone, Frank Sinton, Anthony Storm, Brian Smith, Caroline Baumgard, Irad Eyal, and Megan McGrath serve as executive producers.

“Welcome to a new season of Floor Is Lava,” says Rutledge Wood. What about the lava? Hotter. The massive volcano? Hotter. Who is the host? “I’m still super-duper hot.”

Floor is Lava Season 3 Plot

The Floor Is Lava Season 3 will feature five new thirty-minute episodes. Each episode will undoubtedly be exciting and thrilling. Have you ever imagined yourself in the shoes of any participants while watching the show? If not, try again this time.

It will be more terrifying than a roller coaster ride where you are thrown from a great height but restrained by a strong belt. But not here. There is no seat or belt, only hot, boiling lava. Fans are eager to see who will reach the summit of a towering volcano as the excitement builds.

Floor Is Lava Season 3 trailer on Netflix drops | SYFY WIRE

What is Floor is Lava About

Teams must jump from chairs, swing from chandeliers, and hang from curtains to navigate lava-filled rooms.

The floor is Lava is back with new challenges, higher stakes, and hotter lava. A large and slippery volcano has joined the competition this season. Take notice!

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A. Smith & Co. Productions produced FLOOR IS LAVA, with executive producers Arthur Smith, Frank Sinton, and Anthony Storm. Megan McGrath and Irad Eyal also represent Haymaker (West).

Floor is Lava Season 3 Trailer

Is there a trailer for Season 3 of Floor Is Lava? Yes! On September 16, Netflix released the official trailer for Floor is Lava Season 3 with the tagline, “Fifteen daring new teams race to the top of a towering volcano to win $10,000.”

Who will be victorious, and who will be toast?” “Teams enter the lava-filled courses with confidence and bravado,” Netflix continues. However, after navigating the treacherous obstacles, that is rarely how they exit.” A good Netflix trailer follows a good caption. Watch the Floor is Lava Season 3 trailer below:

Where Can I Watch Floor Is Lava Season 3?

The third season of Floor Is Lava is set to premiere on Netflix on September 30. Netflix hosted the first two seasons of Floor Is Lava and will continue to do so for the third season. Will the season become the most watched television show in its first week? What are your thoughts?

Floor Is Lava Season 2 Recap

Season 2 will feature more shouting and jumping, as well as hotter lava and more difficult obstacles. We recommend that you watch it all the way through to find out who wins.

Athletes, ordinary people, and celebrities compete in an endurance race that tests their physical abilities, daring, stamina, and physical strength in American Ninja Warrior, a reality TV show.

Each episode begins with a brief biography of the individual. They are either eliminated or advanced to the next round based on their performance and rating. The style of this show is very similar to that of Floor Lava.

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American Ninja Warrior meets Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix. It’s more like American Ninja Warrior crossed with the Olympics. The United States, France, South Korea, Mexico, France, and South Korea will all be represented at the show. It is, however, very similar to Floor is Lava.

Total Wipeout has participants racing through obstacles that include numerous wrecks and face landings. The goal of the game is for the participant to successfully complete the course. If she or he succeeds, they will receive $50,000. Total Wipeout is a similarly themed comedy series to Floor is Lava.

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