Fisk Season 2 Release Date


Fisk Season 2 Release Date: When It Will Come Out on Netflix?

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Fans of crime dramas and suspenseful storytelling are eagerly awaiting the return of “Fisk” for its second season. The series, known for its dark and gripping narrative, centers around the complex world of law and crime.

Originally produced by the comedy pair Kitty Flanagan and Vincent Sheehan, ‘Fisk’ launched on its global Netflix trip in early August, landing in various nations with the exception of the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

Following its broad release, the show soon received notoriety for its unusual blend of humor and legal drama, engaging with people all around the world.

Kitty Flanagan plays a pragmatic lawyer who joins a small wills and probate practice after experiencing personal and professional losses.

The first season, consisting of six episodes, premiered on ABC TV Australia between March and April 2021. It not only won the 2023 Silver Logie Award for Most Popular Actress, but it was also nominated for four other Logie Awards.

As anticipation builds, viewers are hungry for details on the release date of Fisk Season 2. In this article, we explore the latest information and speculations surrounding the return of this intense and thrilling show.

When Will Fisk Season 2 Be Released?

Fans of the Australian comedy ‘Fisk,’ which premiered globally on August 1, 2023, will be in for a treat.

Season 2 of ‘Fisk’ is almost here for those who have been waiting for it on Netflix. The streaming service has set December 1, 2023, as the official release date.

Fisk Season 2 Release Date

Fans can expect more hilarious genius from the program as it continues to capture audiences with its eccentric charm and legal antics.

‘Fisk’ has continuously ranked in the top 10 TV lists across 17 territories since joining the Netflix repertoire, demonstrating its global appeal. Notable accomplishments include leadership positions in Australia, Canada, and Ireland.

During its second week on the platform, the show even made it into the global top 10, gathering an amazing 4.9 million hours watched, equivalent to 1.8 million completed viewing equivalents.

As the end of the year approaches, ‘Fisk’ fans can mark their calendars for more legal hilarity, courtesy of Netflix’s release of Season 2 in select regions. Prepare to see the next installment of Kitty Flanagan’s comedic brilliance in the realm of ‘Fisk.’

Who Will Be in the Cast of Fisk Season 2?

The return of familiar faces and the introduction of new characters are likely to add further complexity to the narrative, ensuring that the second season maintains the high stakes and suspense that define the series.

Here is the list of expected cast members for season 2:

  • Kitty Flanagan as Helen Tudor-Fisk
  • Marty Sheargold as Ray Gruber
  • Julia Zemiro as Roz Gruber
  • Aaron Chen as George
  • Debra Lawrance as May
  • George Henare as Graham

What Will Happen in Fisk Season 2?

“Fisk” Season 1 introduced viewers to the enigmatic world of Helen Fisk, a skilled lawyer navigating the murky waters of the legal system.

Fisk Season 2 Release Date

As the series delved into corruption, power struggles, and moral ambiguity, it left audiences hungry for more.

Season 2 is expected to pick up the narrative threads left by the first installment, exploring new layers of the characters’ lives and introducing fresh challenges and adversaries.

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Viewers can anticipate a continuation of the intense storytelling that made “Fisk” a standout in the crime drama genre.

Is there any trailer for Fisk Season 2?

There is no trailer for Fisk season 2 yet, but you can watch the season 1 trailer right here. We’ll keep this page updated if new footage becomes available.


As fans eagerly await the release of Fisk Season 2, the anticipation continues to build for another thrilling chapter in the shadowy world of crime, law, and morality. The success of the first season has set a high bar, and viewers are eager to see how the creators will further unravel the intricacies of the characters and the dark forces at play.

While the official release date remains a mystery, the promise of more suspense, drama, and unexpected turns ensures that the wait will be worthwhile. Stay tuned for official announcements, and in the meantime, revisit the first season to relish the tension and intrigue that make “Fisk” a standout in the realm of crime dramas. The countdown to Season 2 has begun, promising another enthralling journey into the shadows.

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