Fake Profile Season 2 Release Date


Fake Profile Season 2 Release Date: Is Fake Profile a Big Hit for Netflix?

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Fake Profile Season 2 Release Date: More and more American shows on Netflix are becoming massive hits, while many international titles are also doing well in the United States and elsewhere. Colombian love drama Fake Profile has been one of the top titles on the streamer since its May 31 premiere, making it the latest international series to become a viral hit blazing up the top 10 on Netflix.

All the information that fans of Fake Profile on Netflix will ever need has been made public.

What is Fake Profile All about?

Camila (Carolina Miranda) uses a dating app and meets Fernando (Rodolfo Salas), but he turns out to be someone other than he initially seemed. Fernando isn’t his true name, and he’s not a bachelor. Camila’s desire to exact revenge on this man and his falsehoods leads her into a complex and alluring web.

Is Fake Profile Season 2 Happening?

The second season of Fake Profile will premiere on Netflix. On June 13, 2023, the streaming service made the decision to renew a second season of Fake Profile, which they revealed on Twitter.

Fake Profile Season 2 Release Date

We’re glad the show was renewed so quickly for the sake of the upcoming series’ eager audience.

Fake Profile Season 2 Release Date

The premiere date of Fake Profile Season 2 is currently unknown as of June 2023. It usually takes a long time after a season has ended before we get any new details. There just isn’t much out there yet about Fake Profile season 2, unfortunately.

Season 2 of Fake Profile will premiere on Netflix in 2024. It takes Netflix shows an average of a year and a half between seasons. That’s probably going to be the case with season 2 of Fake Profile.

The upcoming season’s writing staff has hopefully already begun their work, and production will begin before the year is out. Assuming production wraps up by the middle of 2024, Season 2 should be available on Netflix by the end of that year.

Who Are the Cast Members of Fake Profile Season 2?

We listed the Fake Profile group and who we think will be back for season 2 below.

Actor Character
Carolina Miranda Camila
Manuela González Angela
Rodolfo Salas Miguel
Lincoln Palomeque David
Iván Amozurrutia David
Víctor Mallarino Pedro
Mauricio Hénao Adrián

How Did Fake Profile Season 1 End?

Angela kills Camila, but it turns out that Camila is still alive. Miguel, who is helping Angela get rid of Camila’s body, knows this. Miguel doesn’t try to get rid of her. Instead, he takes her to a place where she can hide.

There’s another attack on Camila! This time, it’s Tina, who has a different reason for wanting to get back at Camila. Tina ties Camila up and leaves her to die, but it’s clear that won’t happen.

Fake Profile Season 2 Release Date

Camila gets away and finds Miguel, who Angela had left for dead after he was in a car crash. Camila and Miguel go up to Angela together, and when she starts shooting at them, they jump out of a second-story window to get away. Angela kills her father, Pedro, in the fight, and then she goes to jail.

In the last scenes, we see that Camila is back at work, with David, and living her best life, while Miguel still seems very interested in her. There are still questions, that much is clear. Is Pedro’s death true? Will Angela be able to get out of jail? What’s she going to do when she gets out? Most likely, season 2 will solve all of these questions.

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Is Fake Profile a Big Hit for Netflix?

Even though it’s still early, it looks like Fake Profile will be a huge hit for Netflix. As was already said, the first episode of the show came out at the end of May 2023, and since then, it has been one of the most-watched shows on Netflix.

When it first came out before June 2023, Fake Profile was at the top of Netflix’s list of the Top 10 Non-English Shows, with over 76 million hours watched in its first few days. In the U.S., the show was in the top 10 for two weeks and became the kind of steamy show that made people talk all over the place.


Fake Profile is a Colombian love drama on Netflix that has been a viral hit since its May 31 premiere. The second season will premiere on Netflix in 2024, with the cast members listed below.

The premiere date is unknown as of June 2023. Fake Profile is a huge hit for Netflix, with over 76 million hours watched in its first few days, and becoming a steamy show that made people talk.

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