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Extraordinary Returns: Season 2 Release Date Confirmed with New Plot Twists!

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The superhero genre has become increasingly saturated, with as many series available as there are possible superpowers. The story of Jen, a woman who is helpless in a world full of superpowers, is amusing, and Extraordinary more than lives up to its name.

Now, that may not sound too funny but don’t underrate this show. Extraordinary is the greatest of the three British-created original programs for Disney+, joining the ranks of Wedding Season and Save Our Squad with David Beckham.

After you’ve finished flying through all eight episodes of Emma Moran’s debut series, you’ll want more than Jen wants a superpower—you’ll want a second season. This is where we can help you out.

What is Extraordinary All About?

Emma Moran is the brains behind the British superhero comedy series Extraordinary. It premiered on Disney+ Star on January 25, 2023, and was also available on Star+ in Latin America and Hulu in the United States. On January 23, 2023, a full month before the show’s scheduled launch, it was renewed for a second season.

Will Disney+ Renew Extraordinary for a Second Season?

Yes! At the season one premiere of Extraordinary, a second season was officially approved.

extraordinary season 2 release date

Many of the show’s stars, such as Máiréad Tyers, Sofia Oxenham, Bilal Hasna, Luke Rollason, Siobhán McSweeney, and Patricia Allison, came out as soon as the news broke to celebrate.

Extraordinary Season 2 Possible Release Date

It’s already been revealed that Extraordinary will return for a second season, with the announcement breaking at the series’ debut event on January 24. Since it was among the first Disney+ UK shows created, there were almost certainly always plans to create additional episodes.

With the renewal of Extraordinary for a second season, new episodes might debut as soon as the first half of 2024. Production is now well underway, so it’s possible that we could see new episodes as soon as the end of this year.

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Who’s in the Cast of Season 2 of Extraordinary?

Season 2 of Extraordinary will bring back the following actors for new episodes:

Actor/Actress Character
Máiréad Tyers Jen
Sofia Oxenham Carrie
Bilal Hasna Kash
Luke Rollason Jizzlord
Siobhán McSweeney Mary
Safia Oakley-Green Andy
Robbie Gee Ian
Ned Porteous Luke

If the last moments of Season 1 are any indication, we will also see a lot more of Jizzlord’s neglected family.

Extraordinary Season 2 Plot Rumors

The second season of The Extraordinary will most likely continue right where the first one left off.

Want a quick review? To be true, the season one finale had quite the climax. To begin, Jen and Jizzlord’s emotional confrontation with some trash revealed the culmination of their season-long romantic tension. Jen finally opened up about how she felt, and the two shared a passionate kiss as a result. This led to Jen presenting Jizzlord to her mom, Mary, so we’re going to go ahead and call it official.

extraordinary season 2 release date

Jizzlord goes to the corner store the next day and is met by a woman who appears astonished to see him and a young kid who immediately recognizes him as his father. This raises the question: does Jizzlord have a hidden family? Or maybe he had a past life as a cat that he forgot about. (Yeah…if you’ve never seen the program, you’re probably pretty perplexed.)

We predict that his unexpected family will play a significant role in the upcoming season and that it will have an impact on his growing relationship with Jen.

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The long-term relationship between Carrie and Kash ended in season one, but they are still living together as housemates. We predict that this will be a major topic of discussion for the characters in season two, and it remains to be seen whether the emphasis will be on Carrie’s newfound independence as a single woman or on the possibility of them getting back together.


Extraordinary is a British superhero comedy series that premiered on Disney+ Star on January 25, 2023, and was renewed for a second season on January 23, 2023. The cast includes Máiréad Tyers, Sofia Oxenham, Bilal Hasna, Luke Rollason, Siobhán McSweeney, and Patricia Allison.

Jizzlord’s unexpected family will play a major role in season two, and Carrie and Kash’s long-term relationship will be discussed.

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