Expats Season 2 Release date


Expats Season 2 Release Date: Will the Series Be Back on Prime Video?

Mai K. Sosa

Following the success of its debut season, “Expats” has become a cultural phenomenon, offering viewers a unique and insightful perspective into the lives of those navigating the challenges and joys of living abroad.

It came out on Prime Video last month and is based on the book The Expatriates by Janice Y.K. Lee. Nicole Kidman plays Margaret, an expat living in Hong Kong. There are six episodes in Season 1 of the show. The story follows Margaret and her friends as they deal with social unrest and the disappearance of Margaret’s youngest son.

As fans eagerly await the next installment, the release date for “Expats” Season 2 is a topic of keen interest. Let’s delve into what we know so far and what viewers can expect from the upcoming season.

When will Expats Season 2 Be Released?

Prime Video has not picked up Expats for a second season, even though the first season ends on an interesting cliffhanger.

Expats Season 2 Release date

The creator says that there aren’t any plans yet, but that doesn’t mean that things won’t change in the future.

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Since it’s based on a single book, the drama has always been called a limited series, so it’s not likely that there were plans for more than one season. We’ll have to wait and see if that changes now that the last show is out.

Who will Be in the cast of Expats Season 2?

“Expats” boasts a diverse and engaging cast, each contributing to the richness of the storytelling. As Season 2 unfolds, viewers can look forward to further character development and the introduction of new faces, both ex-pats and locals alike.

Here is the list of expected cast members returning from season 1 below:

  • Nicole Kidman as Margaret Woo
  • Brian Tee as Clarke Woo
  • Ji-young Yoo as Mercy
  • Sarayu Blue as Hilary Starr
  • Jack Huston as David Starr
  • Ruby Ruiz as Essie
  • Amelyn Pardenilla as Puri

The chemistry among the ensemble cast is a significant strength of the series, and fans can anticipate more compelling interactions and relationships in the upcoming season.

What Would Happen in Expats Season 2?

If Expats got a second season, the hit online show would be taking a dramatic turn that has never been seen before.

This season was based on Janice Y. K. Lee’s book The Expatriates, which does not have any sequels or spin-offs. Season 2 would have no source material to use as a guide and would have a completely new story.

Expats Season 2 Release date

That’s not something that director Lulu Wang hasn’t thought about, though. The director says that after Season 1, she sees Nicole Kidman’s character Margaret continuing to travel from the U.S. to Hong Kong for “years and years.”

Wang said that the kidnapping of her son Gus in Season 1 “changes her fundamentally as a person” and that she thinks Kidman’s character will find her son “years and years later” (today).

The fact that Gus took her changed her deeply as a person. Her life is now focused on finding her son, so she doesn’t have as many options as she used to.

She talked about what would happen to Ji-young Yoo’s character, Mercy, who was seen in the first season pregnant with David’s child. Wang said David seems to spend time with the child and is a “good dad,” but “he’s got a lot of work to do.”

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“[A] new beginning” for Mercy, who is about to become a mother for the first time, the director of Expats said that the end of Season 1 is;

Giving birth is the start of a new life for Mercy. She will fail, and there will be times when she is a bad mom. She will be hard on herself, but she has to get through it and always make the best choice she can.

There is still no word on whether Wang and the Expats team will get to explore any of these characters in a possible Season 2. However, it looks like the director has given the show a lot of thought about where it could go if it does.

Is there a trailer for Expats season 2?

Not at all! There isn’t a trailer for season 2 yet because the show hasn’t been picked up for another season yet. If there is any new information, we’ll add it to this page. For now, though, watch the video for season 1 below.


As the countdown begins for the release of “Expats” Season 2, fans of the series can rest assured that the wait will be worth it. The show’s ability to resonate with audiences by exploring the universal themes of human connection, self-discovery, and the challenges of adapting to a new culture sets it apart.

Keep an eye out for official announcements regarding the release date, and get ready to embark on another enthralling journey into the world of expatriate life. With promising plotlines, relatable characters, and a keen understanding of the expat experience, “Expats” Season 2 is sure to captivate audiences once again.

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