Esaret Episode 124 Release Date


Esaret Episode 124 Release Date: Guide for Streaming and Previews!

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The newest Esaret episode is almost ready for release. For fans of Turkish television dramas, we offer the premiere date for Esaret, a rundown of previous episodes, and a comprehensive streaming guide. Orhun and Hira star in the Turkish television series Esaret, a romantic thriller. On November 21, 2022, Kanal 7 aired the pilot episode.

Esaret is a popular Turkish television show that airs every week. The on-screen relationship between Cenk Torun and Mahassine Merabet’s Orhun and Hira was a highlight for many. They can’t stop watching because of the compelling story of vengeance and love at the center of the show.

Orhun kidnapped Hira, his twin sister’s roommate, and kept her as a slave and torture victim. Hira is a beautiful and vulnerable young woman who has struggled mightily all her life.

Hira was never welcomed into the Orhun household. Afife tortured Hira after discovering she was to blame for her daughter’s death. Afife was killing her by squeezing her throat. She shot Hira with a gun. She persisted in her efforts to eliminate her from Orhun’s existence. Hira, meantime, was there through it all, caring for Ali like he was her own son. Orhun hopes that by getting through this difficult time, he can make Hira’s life a joyful one.

Esaret Episode 124 Release Date

On June 1st, 2023, Esaret is going to air Episode 124. The new episode of Esaret premieres every Thursday at 7 p.m. Turkey Time. Access the time zone specifics for the 124th episode of Esaret here.

Time Zone Time Date
Pacific Standard Time (Canada) 9:00 am June 1, 2023
Central Standard Time (US) 11:00 am June 1, 2023
Eastern Standard Time (Mexico) Noon June 1, 2023
Greenwich Mean Time (UK) 4:00 pm June 1, 2023
Pakistan Standard Time (Pakistan) 9:00 pm June 1, 2023
Indian Standard Time (India) 9:30 pm June 1, 2023
Japan Standard Time (Japan) 1:00 am June 2, 2023
Australian Central Daylight Time 1:30 am June 2, 2023

Esaret Episode 124 Possible Story

Orhun and Hira, two characters from the Turkish drama series Esaret, have their lives intertwined by a tragic fate including both retribution and love. Orhun, a wealthy businessman, holds Hira responsible for the death of his African twin sister, Nihan.

He kidnaps her, holds her captive in his mansion, and tortures her until he finally gives in to his growing feelings for her. Orhun and his family, notably his mother Afife, are unkind to Hira, a lovely and innocent girl. She fights for her life while also shielding Orhun’s son from his first wife, Ali.

Esaret Episode 124 Release Date

On June 1st, 2023, Esaret will air episode 124. In this episode, we’ll see how Orhun and Hira handle Ali’s mental health after he’s been devastated by his parents’ breakup. Afife will keep hatching plans to undermine Hira and drive a wedge between her and Orhun. Hira will get conflicted about her love for Orhun because she will worry that his generosity is actually part of his revenge scheme.

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Esaret Previous Episode Recap

Ali’s parents, Orhun and Hira, have sought the help of a child psychologist to aid in his rehabilitation. It appears that Ali is dealing with serious challenges that will take some time to resolve. Orhun seized control of the situation and discouraged Hira from helping. After hearing of Orhun and Hira’s breakup, Ali has become extremely sensitive and upset. Orhun suggested that Ali see a few different psychologists.

Hira is attempting to engage Ali in conversation, but he ignores her. To aid Hira and Ali, Nursah has arrived. Afife learns from Orhun and Ali’s butler about their continuous conflict. The importance of Hira in all of this is remarked upon. If you’re Orhun, you shouldn’t date Hira.

Orhun is looking into potential new avenues to aid Ali. When a different psychologist looked at Ali’s case, they came to the same conclusion. Ali is out of his usual habits, and the recent events in his family have had an impact on his mental health. For his own good, he should be shielded from family strife. He lost faith in Orhun and Hira after they announced their divorce.

Esaret Episode 124 Release Date

Neither Nursah nor Hira can bear to see Ali in such a downcast mood. Orhun takes him for a walk outside to clear his head. Ali needed a break from housework, so they went fishing. Nothing has worked to get Ali to talk again or make him feel better. Hira has resolved to treat Ali like a real mother. She promises to give all of her affection and care to him. She overhears a conversation between Orhun and Ali.

Ali is not willing to release Hira or wait for her to return. If she leaves him now, he worries that she won’t come back later. Hira goes over to Orhun and gives him a hug to comfort him that he and Ali will be okay. Orhun and Hira put their disagreements aside and act like a loving couple in front of Ali.


Orhun and Hira have been keeping their fake relationship a secret from everyone around them. As planned, Orhun takes Ali out into the garden and teaches him to ride a bike. They experience a brief moment of intimacy as he helps Hira with her bicycle. Afife and Eda are reassured by Hira that everything is well in their marriage.

Esaret Episode 124: Where Can I Watch It?

Esaret Season 124 Episode 124 airs on Kanal 7, a Turkish television station. Episodes of Esaret can be viewed for free on the youtube channel REDEMPTION.


Orhun and Hira, two characters from the Turkish drama series Esaret, have a tragic fate of retribution and love. Orhun kidnaps Hira and holds her captive in his mansion, but Hira fights for her life and shields Orhun’s son from Ali.

Orhun and Hira handle Ali’s mental health after his parents’ breakup, but Afife plans to undermine Hira and drive a wedge between them. Ali loses faith in Orhun and Hira after their divorce, but Orhun and Hira act like a loving couple and Ali learns to ride a bike.

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