Emma Chamberlain and Ethan Dolan Relationship Timeline


Emma Chamberlain and Ethan Dolan Relationship Timeline | Dating History of Emma Chamberlain


Emma Chamberlain and Ethan Dolan’s fans searched for years for any indication that the two were dating. The couple used to be BFFs and filmed a tonne of movies together, but it was never established if they were simply buddies or something more.

However, they have not been seen together in a while, and it appears that the likelihood of Ethma being real is diminishing. Consequently, when you reflect on what may have been, consult the timeline below to relive all the incredible Ethma moments.

Date July 20, 2020;

In a YouTube video, the Dolan Twins set the record straight and addressed common misconceptions about them. One of the hypotheses was that Ethan Dolan was in a relationship. Without hesitation, Ethan responded “yes,” revealing that he is dating someone seriously.

Emma Chamberlain and Ethan Dolan Relationship Timeline

Even Grayson was stunned by his brother’s confession, but the two swiftly moved on because Ethan clearly want to maintain his relationship’s privacy for the time being. Immediately thereafter, though, the brothers commented on a theory regarding why the Sister Squad disbanded.

As a reminder, the twins were members of the YouTube team alongside James Charles and Emma Chamberlain in 2018. The twins refused to comment on why the group no longer films videos together, stating that they would not discuss the matter without the consent of the other two members.

They did add, however, that they had lost contact with the other Squad members. Grayson stated, “We haven’t spoken to them in a while.”

Therefore, people concluded that while Ethan is in a committed relationship, it cannot be with Emma because he hasn’t spoken to her recently. Unfortunately, it appears that our hopes for Ethma have come to an end.

Date January 7, 2020:

While we haven’t heard from Ethma in a while, Emma discusses her life as a YouTube star in Cosmo’s February cover story. She neither confirms nor denies the existence of a romantic relationship. Check out this passage including a quotation from Dana Schwartz.

Emma Chamberlain and Ethan Dolan Relationship

Emma is accustomed to hearing rumours concerning her. Some, such as the one about the boy she is dating with curly hair, are unconfirmable but accurate.

Did you witness this? “Can’t-confirm-on-the-record-but-true.” I apologise, but all I saw was “true.” Ethma shippers are aware that the boy with curly hair must be Ethan Dolan, and this enigmatic statement is all I need to confirm that Ethma exists.

Date July 12, 2019:

There is nothing more engaging than a flirtatious Twitter chat. Emma replied to Ethan’s announcement that the twins’ new scents were available by asking where she could obtain one. Ethan’s remark was flirtatious. “I will explain where it is. My abode. Now, “He corrected Emma’s grammar in a letter. Do you want Emma to visit your home? I recognise you, Ethan.

Emma and Ethan were observed leaving a SoulCycle in West Hollywood together on the same day. When asked by a reporter if they are dating, they did not deny it. “Did we say it?” Emma asks. “Not yet.” But soon, perhaps?

Date June 10, 2019:

Emma’s statement to W Magazine that she could never see herself in a public relationship extinguished any possibility of her ever coming clean about her reported romance with Ethan.

She explained, “I’m speaking from what would seem correct.” Why would you want other people to be heartbroken with you? I can’t fathom that. Additionally, I don’t like viewing other people’s relationships. It’s dull and it’s gross.

Date May 22, 2019:

This year, Ethan kept his birthday greeting to Emma simple, tweeting “happy birthday emmo.” He then added “h.a.g.b.,” which I’m assuming stands for “happy birthday.”

Date April 2010:

Emma and Ethan could not possibly miss Coachella. The two attended the festival together, but they did not publish any images together; however, sly admirers took a tonne of photos and uploaded them to Twitter.

Emma Chamberlain Dating History

Emma Chamberlain is well-known for her relatable content on YouTube. Recently, she was a guest on the Call Her Daddy podcast, where she discussed her YouTube channel, relationships, and more.

Chamberlain normally keeps her romantic life private, however on this occasion she discussed her prior romances without naming any specific individuals. Here are some of her comments regarding her ex-boyfriends:

In previous relationships, I had not felt as valued by the men I dated. Because I feel as though, in one relationship in particular, he was really judgmental of the fact that I wasn’t necessarily a super feminine woman.

Fans believe she was dissing her ex-boyfriend, Ethan Dolan. In 2018-2019, it was claimed that the two were dating while also generating content for their group “Sister Squad,” which included Emma Chamberlain, James Charles, and the Dolan Twins.

Also, there are rumours that Chamberlain is dating Tucker Pillsbury, also known as Role Model. He is a singer, composer, and former rapper from the United States.

Emma Chamberlain’s Past Romantic Relationships

1) Ethan Dolan

Early in 2018, rumours of Dolan and Chamberlain dating were fueled after the two were frequently sighted together and collaborating on stuff. They were also members of the group Sister Squad and collaborated on multiple videos together.

When Dolan revealed in late 2018 that he was dating someone, fans assumed it was Chamberlain based on their chemistry. Apparently, the couple split up sometime in 2019, and they also ceased creating videos together.

2) Aaron Hull

The rumours of Hull and Chamberlain dating began to circulate in late 2019, while the two were collaborating on projects. Chamberlain’s posting of a videotitled”How to Skateboard to Impress a Guy” inflamed the suspicions even more. Hull is a recognised skateboarding enthusiast.


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However, their relationship ended sometime in January 2020. Hull addressed their relationship in a video he made in September of that year, claiming that the two just did not function well together, resulting in their split.

3)Tucker Pillsbury

Pillsbury and Chamberlain have reportedly been dating since August 2020 and have been photographed many times together. Chamberlain acknowledged in a podcast that she is in a relationship, and fans believe it is with Pillsbury. During the podcast, she stated that her current relationship is “amazing” and “supporting,” and that her spouse has no “complaints.”

Emma Chamberlain Boyfriend 2022: Tucker Pillsbury

Emma Chamberlain noted, when asked about her YouTube journey, that she has attempted to modify her content in accordance with her growth and has not allowed the platform to prevent her from expanding and changing. She stated that she may take a break from her channel, which has more than 11 million subscribers, but will not leave YouTube.

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