Dororo Season 2 Release Date: Why Aren’t We Getting Dororo Season 2?

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In “Dororo,” a lord from Japan’s Warring States era offers to give anything to the demons who aid him in establishing dominance and reclaiming the country. As a result, when his wish is granted — but his son is born without a significant number of his organs — he sends the infant to a midwife for disposal.

She is unable to do so and instead places him in a boat and sends him downriver. A sage locates young Hyakkimaru and creates organs to replace those he has lost, while also instructing him to become a ronin samurai. Dororo is an orphan turned robber who joins him on his journey to exterminate the demons that have devoured his bodily parts and slowly restore him.

The anime series, which is based on a groundbreaking manga by Osamu Tezuka (dubbed the “godfather of Japanese manga comics”), originally broadcast on television in 1968 and was adapted into a live-action film in 2007.

It even spawned a 2004 video game, “Blood Will Tell.” It was resurrected in Japan a few years ago and made available globally on Amazon Prime (via Anime News Network) in 2019. There has been only one season to date, consisting of 24 episodes.

dororo season 2

However, will there be a second season of “Dororo”? The following information pertains to Season 2 of this dark fantasy anime.

Release Date for Dororo Season 2?

Despite the series’ enormous popularity upon its debut, Dororo season two appears to be in doubt due to the lack of data thus far.

The primary season began in 2019, and it’s been nearly two years since there has been any information. Is there going to be a season 2? It is, however, peculiar; perhaps we should pause for a moment longer.

Dororo, which was co-created by MAPPA and Tezuka Productions, has yet to release any accurate information about the upcoming season.

However, this does not mean that we will not see a season two. According to our calculations, we’re anticipating a new series leading up to the end of this year or in 2022. It has not been confirmed, but we expect that we will see it soon.

What Is the Plot of Dororo Season 2?

If there is one major reason that even many ardent fans of the program are not expecting a renewal, it is the show’s lack of a clear narrative direction.

The protagonist of the original manga has lost 48 of his organs (for perspective, the human body allegedly includes roughly 78, according to Live Science), and retrieving them needs a fairly epic years-long trek. However, in the new show, he is only missing 12, allowing the 2019 anime to conclude more quickly than the original manga plot, which was canceled and given a hastily written finish.

dororo season 2

The new “Dororo” does conclude the story, but in a different way than the original (via Monsters & Critics) — it omits a plotline that would have pitted young Dororo and Hyakkimaru against one another and instead leaves an open-ended conclusion with a foreshadowing remark from the narrator: “Biwamaru believes that something more than blood or despair awaits those two young souls.”

If a second season is released, it is quite likely that it will depart from the tale established in the original manga and take the characters on new adventures.

Dororo Season 2 Cast

  • Hyakkimaru
  • Kagemitsu Daigo 
  • Biwa Hōshi 
  • Tahōmaru Daigo 
  • Jukai 
  • Itachi-no-Saigo 
  • Dororo 
  • Bandit Hibukuro 
  • Nota


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