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Ready for the first episode of Season 2 of DNA? Because in the first episode, Rolf will get involved when his ex-newborn wife’s daughter needs a new liver. This means that he and his coworker Neel will have to find the horrifying sight of dead migrants.

In 2020, BBC Four in the UK aired the first season. It will be set in a world where criminal networks from all over Europe run everything. Anders W. Berthelsen will play police chief Rolf Larsen again. After finding the bodies of 19 young Vietnamese people, Larsen follows the trail of a case of the slave trade and the sale of organs on the black market.

The main characters try to figure out what’s going on, find out the truth, and stop the exploitation while “going through major personal struggles.” It has been confirmed that Polish actress Zofia Wichlacz will play Julita and that Charlotte Rampling will return as French detective Claire Bobbin.

DNA Season 1 Recap

Before we start DNA Season 2 Episode 1, let’s quickly go over what happened in the last episode. Detective Rolf Larsen is a well-liked member of the Copenhagen police force. In the last season, he is looking into a missing child case when his own baby daughter goes missing, which completely changes his life.

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Five years after the crime, a new lead appears when a big mistake is found in the police’s DNA database. Rolf meets young police officer Neel while looking into a stolen car in Thornby. Their boss tells the investigator to compare the car thief’s DNA with that of his former coworkers in Copenhagen. The Minna case is looked at again after Rolf and Neel find big mistakes in the Danish DNA database.

DNA Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date & Recap: Rolf's Ex-Wife's Daughter Needs A New Liver - OtakuKart

Rolf and his old boss, Astrid Oxlev, help the French police. The main investigator, Claire Bobain, is working with the French police. After finding evidence that points to Poland, the team goes there to find a key witness with a video. However, Claire is worried that Rolf seems more interested in his daughter’s case than the murder they are currently investigating.

While different clues lead Claire and Rolf back to Poland, two men are taken into custody in Paris for Victoria’s murder. They admit that they hired her to be their child’s surrogate mother. When Claire, Rolf, and Karol go to a church in Poland to find answers, the nuns don’t help them much.

Later, though, Rolf finds a link between the case and a Paris fertility clinic that makes him think that it may be the key to finding answers. When Neel joins Melanie’s family to look into child trafficking, Rolf realizes quickly that Melanie may be in danger. Julita is determined to find her child, who was taken from her.

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When the people behind the adoption network are caught, Minna is put back with her mother. In the meantime, Rolf gets a new clue about where his daughter might be. Now, we’ll talk about when Episode 1 of Season 2 of DNA will come out and what it will be about.

DNA Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date

DNA Season 2 Episode 1 will air on TV 2 in Denmark on December 26, 2022, and on BBC in the UK on December 27, 2022. “Hepatitis” is the name of this episode. The plot of Episode 1 is as follows: “Rolf gets involved when his ex-newborn wife’s daughter needs a new liver.

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So, he and his coworker Neel find the horrible sight of dead migrants. Episode 1 of Season 2 of DNA will air on TV 2 in Denmark at 8 pm UTC and on BBC4 in the UK at 11 pm GMT. Every Tuesday in the UK, a new episode of DNA Season 2 will come out. If your TV has BBC4, you could just turn it on at the time listed above.

Where to Watch DNA Season 2 Episode 1?

The Danish Sow can be watched on BBC iPlayer. BBC iPlayer Is free, but a TV license costs money. If you spend £3.02 a week or £13.13 a month on it, that’s the cost of the service: £159 a year.

Once you’ve watched all of your favorite shows on BBC iPlayer, you can quickly cancel your subscription. But first, you should know about its free trial offer.

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