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Did ‘the Flipping El Moussas’ Not Succeed Because Fans Had Issues With Heather Rae Young?

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When HGTV celebrity and house renovator Tarek El Moussa teamed up with his wife, Selling Sunset alumna and luxury real estate agent Heather Rae Young, to begin their latest venture on the network: The Flipping El Moussas, it seemed like a marriage made in heaven.

In addition to allowing viewers to see the real estate power couple flip houses, HGTV said that the March 2023 premiere of the show would follow them as they “work together, learn together and grow together with Tarek’s two kids and a new baby on the way.”

Regretfully, The Flipping El Moussas’ debut season wasn’t a hit. The first episode’s viewership was far less than the millions of people who saw Tarek in 2013 on the wildly popular program Flip or Flop, which starred Christina Hall, Tarek’s ex-wife.

It seems that opinions on the first season of the show were divided, with many pointing the finger at Heather. The reality star was unpopular for a variety of reasons, including her preference for her personality on Selling Sunset and her lack of skill creating homes. Given that there have been no updates, Season 2 even appears to be in jeopardy. Was Heather to blame for The Flipping El Moussas’s downfall?

Reactions to Heather Rae Young’s “Job” on the Show Are Conflicted

The renovator said that his wife would play a significant role in the design of their numerous flips when Heather and Tarek met down with E! News to talk about their new program. “You’re gonna see Heather really jumping in and designing the heck out of some really cool houses,” he said.

Fans of The Flipping El Moussas Season 1 expressed dissatisfaction with Heather’s designs—or lack thereof—on Reddit. They discussed how Heather, a real estate salesperson, didn’t incorporate her own style while constructing homes, which made sense. Consider an episode in which the reality star was renovating a magnificent Long Beach, California, Tudor home from the 1930s. It appeared that the designer she hired was primarily responsible for the inspiration.

  • The fact that they simply bring in a designer and give them cash bothers me the most about this show. One Reddit member commented, “They don’t really seem to have any style of their own.”
  • “Writing about Heather is a great contribution. Having worked in real estate, she should be aware of what her clients are interested in and purchasing. But another Reddit user said, “I don’t think Heather really pays attention to what customers are looking for and why properties sell.”

The Flipping El Moussas Is Too Obsessed With The Lives Of The Couples

Heather Rae Young

Unlike Flip or Flop, The Flipping El Moussas also concentrates on Tarek and Heather’s personal lives. Heather said in an interview with E! News, “We’ve really enjoyed ourselves. Together, we flipped ten houses. You can tell how much affection we have for one another. It’s a lot of fun to watch us work together with our families, the kids, and the pregnancy.”

While some viewers might find it interesting since the pair also showcases their life outside of house renovations, including Heather’s pregnant journey, others desired the show would concentrate solely on its primary goals of design and flipping.

All of this might have contributed to the low premiere ratings for the show. The Flipping El Moussas’ first episode, according to US TVDB, drew an estimated 796,000 views. This pales in comparison to the 1.1 million viewers that tuned in to the first episode of Flip or Flop back in 2013. When Christina, Tarek’s ex-wife, debuted in January 2023, her new reality TV program, Christina In The Country, also drew in 700,000 viewers.

  • “I made a few attempts to watch it but was unable to get into it. A Reddit user said, “Way too much “reality” and not nearly enough home inspiration.”
  • “The show isn’t about real estate , it’s about their relationship,” a commenter commented.
  • “I wish they would concentrate more on the business aspects behind the scenes and less on their personal drama,” another Reddit user commented.

Will The Flipping El Moussas Season 2 Ever Air?

A second season is in the works, despite unsatisfactory ratings and angry people who don’t like Heather (or her voice). In actuality, HGTV declared in July 2023 that the second season will be renewed with even more episodes than the first, but the premiere date has not been moved forward.

Additionally, the statement said that the second season would premiere in “early 2024,” but fans are still unsure of the reason for the delay.

That same month, Heather even used Instagram to advertise the upcoming season. She teased viewers with images of herself and Tarek in the midst of a makeover, saying they would be working on more difficult houses and involving themselves more in the design process. Viewers will also watch Heather juggling her life at home and at work as a new mother.

The duo seems to be concentrating on other endeavors as well. Tarek published a candid memoir called Flip Your Life at the beginning of 2024. Heather is working hard to raise their son Tristan in the meanwhile. But these two don’t put reality TV on the back burner. The Flip Off, a new HGTV reality show, will feature both celebrities.

In it, they will compete against Christina Hall and her husband Josh Hall to see who can flip houses for the biggest profit. It is scheduled to premiere in 2025.

Ideally, the show will be less on the couple’s personal lives and more about discovering, purchasing, flipping, and selling homes.


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