Destiny Season 18 Release Date


Destiny Season 18 Release Date: Release Date is confirmed!

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There are fewer than twenty-four hours until the start of Season 18, and Destiny 2 is about to resume its forward momentum. This update, which will cover the entirety of fall, will include several events that people are looking forward to.

One of these events is the Festival of the Lost, which will be a Halloween-themed event done in a way that is exclusive to Destiny. You will have a lot of new things to do because there will be a new Reprise Raid and the return of the Trials of Osiris. Both of these additions will be coming soon.

We have all of the information that you require regarding the release date of the update, the length of time that the Destiny 2 servers will be offline, and the activities that you can participate in while you wait. You will need to be aware of the release date of this material if you wish to engage with it as quickly as humanly possible. In addition, there will be some maintenance performed on the servers in the days leading up to the launch, which means that you won’t be able to participate in any gameplay during that period of time.

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If you are looking for additional Destiny 2 quests that will assist you in preparing for the update, be sure to check out our walkthroughs for the Vox Obscura and Parasite Exotic quests.

Release Date

On Tuesday, August 23, this update will be accessible on all platforms at the following times:

  • PDT: 11am.
  • EDT: 2pm.
  • BST: 7 pm.
  • CEST: 8 pm.

Therefore, if you live in the US, prepare for a full afternoon of Destiny 2 action, and if you live in Europe, don’t make any evening plans.

Destiny Season 18 Release Date

The downtime for the new Season will begin 15 minutes earlier, at 5:45 p.m. UK time or 9:45 a.m. PST. This is due to the fact that the patch will be relocated when the weekly reset launches.
Theoretically, you should be able to play after downloading the update.
Due to background maintenance that will last until 7 pm BST (11 am PDT), all players will probably have to wait longer than usual. In summary, be patient and keep trying because it’s likely that servers won’t be operational right away

Season Length

Season 18’s daily reset occurred on August 23 and the season will run until December 6. Bungie debuted a new Destiny 2 show that primarily highlighted the upcoming Lightfall expansion while also providing some fundamental details about the plot, activities, and other elements of Season of Plunder.

Destiny Season 18 Instagram

Story Information

There are three things in Season of Plunder that have to do with pirates. Six-person teams are assembled in Ketchcrash to attack enemy pirate ships and kill their crews. Three players are involved in the expedition, which involves creating treasure maps, searching for loot, and battling Aramis’ crews. Weekly missions to steal powerful items from pirate captains are provided by Pirate Hideouts.

Destiny Season 18 Release Date

Unfortunately, there will be a brief period of downtime before this update, but fear not—there will be a showcase stream to keep you occupied. The scheduled downtime will begin an hour and fifteen minutes before the update is made life, but if something goes wrong, it could last longer. This implies that: will probably experience server downtime.

  • PDT: 9:45am.
  • EDT: 12:45pm.
  • BST: 5:45pm.
  • CEST: 6:45pm.

Check out the showcase stream to see what’s new in Destiny 2 while you wait for the servers to go back online. This program will go over all the significant changes in Season 18 and provide a preview of Lightfall, the upcoming significant expansion. It will start to be broadcast at these times starting while the server is down:

  • PDT: 9am.
  • EDT: 12pm.
  • BST: 5pm.
  • CEST: 6 pm.

King’s Fall Reprised Raid

Similar to how Vault of Glass was brought back last year, King’s Fall Reprised Raid Season of Plunder also brings back a Destiny 1 raid. King’s Fall is the name of that raid. Players battle Oryx, the Taken King, a strong god of the Hive, during the assault on his terrifying ship, the Dreadnaught. The Taken King, the biggest and best expansion for Destiny 1, marks the conclusion.

About how the raid will go, not much is known. Players of Destiny 1 may recognize some of it, but there will also be some surprises because, like the Vault of Glass, it has been altered and updated to fit with how Destiny 2 functions. Players will be able to compete to be the first team to defeat King’s Fall when the daily reset occurs at 10 am on Friday, August 26.

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