Dark Desire Season 3 : Is It Happening Cancelled or Renewed?

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Dark Desire is a Mexican thriller television series. A combination of drama and sexual delights may be found in this film. The Dark Desire television series will return for a second season on Netflix on August 19, 2020. It is aMexican Web TV thriller series produced by Argos Comunicación for Netflix. The series also features Maite Perroni, Poza, Pavon, Spitzer, and Hauser (Yellowstone) as well as other well-known actors. Initially, on May 6, 2019, the start of production was announced, with the first episode premiering on July 15, 2020.

Later, the series will resume its trip on August 19, 2020, for a second season, which will be released in 2021 as a result of its exceptional popularity. The series will also return for a third season in 2021. Season 1 of Dark Desire was announced as the most-watched non-English title with a viewership of 35 million viewers after only 28 days on the air.

The second part of the Dark Desire series will be available on Netflix’s on-demand service starting in January.

Furthermore, the excellent cast and entertaining debates add to the overall appeal of the show. Years of friendship are encapsulated in a pleasant and welcoming environment at excellent time. As a result, this new season is unquestionably a must-see for you. In addition, if you haven’t yet seen the second season of Dark Desire, we encourage you to check out this piece by the author.

dark desire season 3

Season 3 of The Plot of Dark Desire is Currently Under Production

From a storytelling perspective, the second season picks up just where the first season left off in terms of plot. Alone and despondent, Alma, who has been ordered to live with her mother and father, is making an unsuccessful attempt to take back her life. Aside from losing her academic position, she has also had to deal with the collapse of her marriage to Leonardo, as well as the estrangement from her daughter Zoe, among other things.

While Alma is head over heels in love with Dario, she continues to see him everywhere she goes, and his picture haunts her nightmares despite the fact that she is not in love with Dario. During a session with Lys, a strange middle-aged woman who has a dark secret of her own, she meets and befriends her as part of her women’s counselling programme. Dario sets out on a voyage to Mexico with his recently obtained inheritance in order to marry Julieta, the woman he has always loved.

His revived romance with Alma, on the other hand, has a profound impact on the path of their respective lives. As discoveries about Dario’s background begin to emerge, his fiancée Julieta is tragically killed in an automobile accident, just as the investigation into his history is beginning. When faced with this choice, Alma must decide between creating an alternate future with Dario, as she had always desired, and embracing the truth and doing what is necessary given the circumstances.

Cast of Dark Desire Season 3

In preparation for Season 2, several regulars from Season 1 have returned to Dark Desire. In a similar vein to Season 1, Maite Perroni returns to her role as law professor Alma Solares, and Jorge Poza returns to his role as her judge husband Leonardo Solares. Erik Hayser portrays Leonardo’s brother Esteban, while Regina Pavón portrays Leonardo’s daughter Zoe, who is also portrayed by Hayser.

Mara Fernanda Yepes, Edith Ballesteros, Paulina Matos, and Alejandro Speitzer, who played Brenda Castillo, Edith Ballesteros, and Dario Guerra, were among those who made cameo appearances in the film. Additionally, Speitzer made an appearance in the Netflix criminal drama The Club, which was released in 2017.

Three new characters have been added to the show for Season 2: Colombian actress Catherine Siachoque plays Lys Antoine, Ariana Saavedra plays Julieta Lazcano, and Arturo Barba plays igo Lazcano, all of whom are played by the same person, as well as several returning characters.

dark desire season 3

What is the Total Number of Seasons of Dark Desire?

Only two seasons of Dark Desire have been released so far, and both seasons are currently available to stream on Netflix. The first season has a total of 18 episodes, and the second season has a total of 15 episodes. The first season is available on Netflix. A total of 40 minutes is allotted for each of the six episodes.

Season 3 Premiere Date for Dark Desire: When Will it be Broadcast?

Netflix has announced that the Dark Desire series will return for a second season on August 19, 2020. Furthermore, the second season of the Dark Desire television series, which will consist of 18 episodes, will be made available on the Netflix OTT platform in the near future. Additionally, the show has begun filming, which will take place from January through March 2021, according to the official website. The deadline for receiving notice of the delivery date is February 2, 2022.

In addition, the Dark Desire series has received various awards, including the GQ Men of the Year Awards and the BreakTudo Award, which will be presented in 2020.

When Can We Expect to see the Dark Desire Season Trailer?

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