Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2


Will the World of “Daily Dose of Sunshine” Continue on the Big Screen?

Mai K. Sosa

Fans of heartwarming storytelling and feel-good moments have eagerly embraced “Daily Dose of Sunshine,” a series that radiates positivity and uplifts spirits. As viewers eagerly await the announcement of Season 2, the burning question is, “When will the sunshine return to our screens?”

‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ is a Netflix original series from South Korea, directed by Lee Jae Gyoo and written by Lee Nam Gyu and Kim Da Hee. Jung Da Eun, a talented nurse, is transferred to the neuropsychiatric department of the program. Her kind demeanor aids in the healing of both her patients and others around her.

In this article, we’ll explore the latest updates and speculations surrounding the release date of “Daily Dose of Sunshine” Season 2.

When Will Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 Be Released?

Netflix has not yet officially renewed ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ for season 2. Given that the series has only been available on the platform for less than a week, it’s hardly unexpected that no decision on its future has been made.

Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2

While the series did not make the Netflix global top ten TV (Non-English) list, it is up against popular K-dramas such as ‘Strong Girl Nam-soon,’ ‘Castaway Dive,’ and ‘Doona.’ Notably, the series is doing particularly well in South Korea, where it currently ranks first on the daily top-ten list.

In terms of whether ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ needs a second season, given how the first season ends, there may be little need for one. As of this writing, there has not been a set release pattern for “Daily Dose of Sunshine,” as it depends on the production team, network, or streaming platform behind the series.

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However, many contemporary series tend to follow annual or biannual release schedules. To stay in the loop, fans are advised to keep an eye on official announcements from the production team or the platform hosting the show for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 Cast

“Daily Dose of Sunshine” is known for its charming characters, relatable narratives, and uplifting themes. Season 2 is likely to continue the heartwarming stories that made the first season a hit, introducing new characters, addressing unresolved plot points, and delivering fresh doses of joy and inspiration.

Here is the list of expected cast members for season 1:

  • Park Bo-young as Jung Da-eun
  • Yeon Woo-jin as Dong Go-yun
  • Jang Dong-yoon as Song Yu-chan
  • Lee Jung-eun as Song Hyo-shin

What Will Happen in the Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2?

Viewers can anticipate more laughter, love, and life lessons as the series explores the various facets of the human experience.

Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2

While the format of “Daily Dose of Sunshine” doesn’t necessarily follow a continuous narrative like traditional TV shows, viewers can expect Season 2 to bring a fresh collection of heartwarming stories, uplifting messages, and perhaps some new faces to the screen.

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The series is likely to continue its mission of spreading positivity and reminding viewers to appreciate the little joys in life.

Trailer for Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2

There has been no new trailer because there has been no confirmation of the renewal. In the meantime, here’s the trailer for Daily Dose of Sunshine season 1, in case you missed it.


As we eagerly await the return of the “Daily Dose of Sunshine,” the anticipation and excitement among fans continue to grow. The prospect of more heartwarming moments and uplifting stories is undoubtedly something to look forward to.

Until an official announcement is made regarding the release date of Season 2, fans can relive the joy of the first season and share their favorite moments with fellow enthusiasts. As the countdown to the return of the daily dose of sunshine begins, the positive and heartening world of this beloved series is poised to brighten screens once again.

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