Cuttputli Movie Review, Sopiler and Ending Explained!


Cuttputli Movie Review, Sopiler and Ending Explained!


This article contains spoilers for the conclusion of the film Cuttputli.

About Cuttputli Movie

Cuttputli is a movie about a guy who wanted to be a filmmaker, then became a police inspector, then went after serial killers, and sometimes played a romantic lead in Bollywood. By the middle of the movie, Arjan and his coworkers were sure that Payal’s creepy math teacher was the murderer.

The fact that my niece was taken away from her birthday party proved that was not true. I have to say that Payal’s death came as a shock to me.

Arjan saved her just in time from the math professor, but he couldn’t do the same when the real killer got their hands on the poor girl.

But his niece’s sad death gave Arjan the push he needed to finally figure out what was going on. After a long investigation that took up too much screen time, we found out that the killer was a silent woman who did magic shows and chose her victims based on who volunteered to help her. We also find out that the woman was from Britain and had a son named Christopher. Her name was Agnes.

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Cuttputli Movie Fact

Movie Name Cuttputlli
Streaming Partner Disney Plus Hotstar
OTT Release Date 2022
Theatrical Release Date 2022 Sept 2
Cast Akshay Kumar and Rakul Preet Singh
Director Ranjit M Tiwari
Languages Hindi

Cuttputli Movie Ending Explained and Spoiler

In the last act, Arjan faces off against the magician. Agnes is not the serial killer, it turns out. Christopher has a wig on. Agnes died on her way to a mental hospital to get Christopher. So, her son decided to honor her memory by acting like her and killing innocent kids, just like she did.

Cuttputli Movie Ending Explained and Spoiler

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Not at all. And Christopher was made to feel like he didn’t exist. When Sophia, a beautiful classmate, became his friend, the young boy was sure he had found true love. Sophia turned him down in a romantic way, so he killed her. Agnes took the blame, went to jail, and died there. Christopher started killing pretty girls because they were more beautiful than he was. Besides… He also said that he liked killing people.

Christopher and Arjan got into a fight as soon as he was done talking. With a little help from their niece, Arjan wins the battle. At the end of the movie, our hero triumphantly hugs his girlfriend and her niece.

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