Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12 Release Date


Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12 Release Date: Cast | Plot | Trailer | Latest Updates!

Mai K. Sosa

Larry David, the master of comedic awkwardness and social missteps, is set to make a triumphant return in “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Season 12.

As fans of the iconic series eagerly await the next installment of Larry’s hilariously cringe-worthy adventures, the burning question on everyone’s mind is: When will Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12 hit our screens?

In this article, we’ll explore the latest information and speculations surrounding the release date of the upcoming season.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12 Release Date

During a press event on November 2, HBO president Casey Bloys announced that season 12 of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” will be published in February 2024. For more than 20 years, the show has aired multiple seasons.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12 Release Date

The previous season, Season 11, began on October 24, 2021, while the season before that aired in the winter of 2020. Bloys stated that press screenings for the new season would be made accessible in the coming weeks.

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While there were rumors earlier this year that season 12 of “Curb” might be the final season, Bloys emphasized that no decisions have been made regarding the show’s future. Larry David will make the final decision on whether to continue or end the series.

Expected Cast of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12

Curb Your Enthusiasm has progressively amassed quite the cast of colorful characters over the years, almost all of whom fans can expect to see at some point in Season 12.

Of course, no Curb episode would be complete without Larry David. This grumpy former TV writer is the series’ beating heart and the one true throughline from season to season.

Along with David will be his wife Cheryl (played by Cheryl Hines), Larry’s manager and best friend Jeff Greene (Jeff Garlin), and Leon Black (J.B Smoove), one of Larry’s acquaintances who debuted in Season 6.

Other performers and characters who are likely to appear are:

  • Susie Essman as Susie Greene
  • Richard Lewis as Richard
  • Ted Danson as Ted
  • Vince Vaughn as Freddie Funkhouser
  • Dana Lee as Mr. Takahashi

What Will Happen in Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12?

As of now, the official release date for Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12 has not been officially confirmed by HBO or Larry David. However, enthusiasts of the show are buzzing with excitement and speculations about when they can expect the return of the irreverent and unpredictable Larry.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12 Release Date

Aside from Larry’s awkward encounters with those around him on a daily basis, each season of Curb has featured an overall story arc. Season 11 began with a burglar drowning in Larry’s pool and ended with the filming of Larry’s new TV show, Young Larry.

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Larry was blackmailed by one of the burglar’s family and attempted to terminate his agony in increasingly complex ways. Because Larry plainly survived his drowning in the season 11 finale, maybe Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12 will try again to murder off Larry David.

Trailer for Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12

There has been no new trailer because there has been no confirmation of the release date. In the meantime, here’s the trailer for Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11, in case you missed it.


As fans eagerly await the release of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12, the anticipation continues to build. Larry David’s ability to turn everyday situations into comedic gold has solidified the show’s place as a beloved staple in the world of television comedy.

While the exact release date remains a mystery, the promise of more Larry David-induced laughter ensures that the wait will be worth it. Stay tuned for official announcements, and in the meantime, revisit the earlier seasons to relish the hilarity and cringe-worthy moments that make Curb Your Enthusiasm a perennial favorite. The countdown to Season 12 has begun, promising another uproarious chapter in the misadventures of Larry David.

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