Cracow Monsters Ending Explained:


Cracow Monsters Spoiler and Ending Explained


The Polish fantasy-horror series Cracow Monsters is presently available on Netflix. Alex, played by Barbara Liberek, is a young medical student who joins an eccentric study group that examines the paranormal happenings enveloping Cracow in secret.

Cracow Monsters Story

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Alexandra, shortened to Alex, is a medical school freshman in Cracow. She has frequent nightmares and awakens at 3 a.m. Mary, her roommate, and best friend believes she has schizophrenia and wants she see a therapist. She holds a similar opinion but has difficulties convincing herself.

On her way to the university for an admission examination, she buys Rafel a hot dog. Fortunately, an older medical student she met at a pub administers the examination.

Cracow Monsters Spoiler and Ending Explained

Lucky is a senior student in Professor Zawadzki’s research group; Professor Zawadzki and Lucky select Alex as the ninth member of their mystery group. Lucky takes Alex on a ride and drowns her to determine whether she can survive their assessment.

She is rescued by a white otherworldly figure, and she awakens in her chamber. She gets admitted into Professor Zawadzki’s research group shortly thereafter. Zawadzki’s pupils cohabitate, so the administration contacts her and requests that she relocated.

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As she attempts to notify her grandma of her new residence, her grandmother continues to warn her of evil spirits. In her new environment, she meets kids who are each quirky in their own way.

Rafel is possessed by Harewit, a demon. In the meantime, the middle-aged miner who discovered the mysterious-looking item is guided to Rafel by it. He becomes Rafel’s servant, and together they rouse the corpses in the mortuary.

Lucky and Alex visit the mortuary to learn more about the mystery, but they are assaulted by zombies while there. In addition, Rafel summons two female demons from the murky sea to serve his will.

Cracow Monsters Spoiler and Ending Explained

A female demon seduces and assaults one of the members of their gang, Gigi. Gigi is captured by the others and taken to a pigsty for a cleaning rite. Alex unleashes the female demon as Rafel summons spas, a winter giant. Spas are assigned to scavenge Cracow for frozen corpses.

Alex sees her grandma and gains insight into her history. She and Lucky investigate her birth in the hospital’s archives. A symbol that her mother scratched leads them to a dragon statue.

The group assembles and displays coordinates on a map; the intersection of all lines brings them closer to the truth. They are escorted to the city center of Cracow, where Alex was born.

The son of Zawadzki becomes ill, and Spas causes turmoil in the city. Everyone must report to the hospital to treat a plague-like illness. Alex and Lucky discover a possessed youngster in the mortuary, and against Alex’s wishes, Lucky kills him.

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Zawadzki is instructed to bring an alive infant to Rafel in order to heal his son. In order to heal his kid, he also steals a beating heart from a homeless guy and feeds it to him. In the meantime, Alex discovers the key to the underworld in her mother’s suitcase and enters.

She understands in the underworld that she is an incarnation of Wanda with the ability to subjugate Hvor. She becomes stuck while attempting to liberate Wanda, but her guardian angel helps her to escape.

Cracow Monsters Ending Explained:

A recreation of the past:

Alex is saddened by Lucky’s death. To understand Wanda’s secrets, Zawadzki recommends they reenact her death.

Alex takes a booster to simulate the feeling of drowning at a public bathhouse. She realizes in her dissociative condition that they must execute a ritual to vanquish Hvor. But, she needs all nine of them to do this.

The Ritual: 

The moon becomes saturated with a tint of crimson. Alex discovers the miner, who had eluded Rafel. Zawadzki interrupts the miner’s conversation with Alex. They bring him to their home, where they identify the object as the Triglav, a crucial element of the ceremony.

The nine members assume their positions at the specified coordinates and begin reciting an anti-Hvor spell. Rafel approaches Alex and assaults her. Rafel is swamped, however, by the collective singing of Hvor.

Alex burns Triglav, therefore slaying the wicked god. This fulfills her prediction and inaugurates a new age.


Alex had killed a deity and inadvertently broke the everlasting law while being evil. In her approach to class, the God of the underworld warns her that she will suffer penalties for her actions, thereby establishing the scenario for a new season.

The son of Zawadzki heals, and the city appears to return to normal. But, we see Lucky alive in the final scene.

It is possible that he never died or was brought back to life by Alex’s guardian angel. On a darker note, it is also possible that he was possessed.

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