Cop Adam Episode 25 Release Date


Cop Adam Episode 25 Release Date: An Overview and Streaming Resource

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Cop Adam Episode 25 Release Date & Time: The last episode of the season of Cop Adam will be out soon. Cop Adam is a Turkish romance-thriller show that has been on Star Tv since November 30, 2022. In the last show, the story made people feel a lot of different things. Peri went to see her therapist and told him everything. Tamer and Peri’s relationship was hard at times. Their lives will change because of peri pregnancy.

Tamer and Peri’s lives are at the center of Cop Adam. Tamer has been through hard times and battles since he was very young. After their parents gave up on them, he and his sister grew up in a home. Tamer liked to play games, which kept his thoughts active. When an American company picked his game, he got paid. He bought a house so that he and his family could live there.

Peri was a bank manager who was good at her job, but her life was a mess. Pek, her mother, left her when she was young. Her sister was like a mother to her, and she lived with her. Peri finds out one day that her husband and her sister have been seeing each other behind her back.

She couldn’t handle hearing about the shocking betrayal, so she made plans to kill herself. When Tamer saw her on the street, he took her away. He locked her up in the basement of his big house.

Cop Adam Episode 25: Release Date & Time

Episode 25 of Cop Adam will air on June 14, 2023. The last show, number 25, will come out at 8 p.m. Turkey Time. Every show is about 115 minutes long. Check the list of time zones below to find out when the next episode of Cop Adam will air in your area.

Time Zone Time Date
Pacific Standard Time (Canada) 10:00 am June 14, 2023
Central Standard Time (US) Noon June 14, 2023
Eastern Standard Time (Mexico) 1:00 pm June 14, 2023
Greenwich Mean Time (UK) 5:00 pm June 14, 2023
Indian Standard Time (India) 10:30 pm June 14, 2023
Thailand Time Midnight June 15, 2023
Japan Standard Time (Japan) 2:00 am June 15, 2023
Australian Central Daylight Time 2:30 am June 15, 2023

Cop Adam Episode 24 Recap

After hearing that Tamer had captured Bülent and Pek, Peri was still reeling from the news. She was more enraged by the information she had heard from Damla. Tamer is plotting a coup against Peri to get his way. Tamer’s mental state has deteriorated to the point where Peri can’t stand being around him. She’s searching for a way to aid Tamer. Aysel has been unsuccessful in her search for the missing Bülent.

Cop Adam Episode 25 Release Date

Aysel felt hopeless, yet someone came to her rescue. Peri devised a plan and attempted to get Tamer to free Bülent and Pek. She took a chance by going up against Tamer, but her plan backfired. Conflict arose between Peri and Tamer after she rescued Bülent and Pek. Tamer doesn’t buy her explanations for her statements.

Peri hopes that Bülent will have a speedy recovery at the hospital. He is her last, best hope of convincing Tamer of her honesty. It’s not working like Peri expected. For Peri and Tamer, the situation only worsens. In order to protect Peri, Tamer gives in to the blackmailer.

The blackmailer is a longtime adversary who harbors special ill will toward Tamer. Before Peri did something unsafe, she and Aysel talked about it. She knew her choice could hurt Tamer, but she was set on going through with it anyhow.

Meryem is going through a difficult emotional period and is making conscious efforts to improve herself. Because of Yavuz, she has fleeting happiness. Because of the issues at the mansion, Tamer spends the night at the firm. His time away from home did not help the situation, and in fact, made things worse.

If you can’t wait for the premiere of Cop Adam Episode 25, there are many other shows in a similar vein to hold you through. These shows include Esaret Episode 125, Deadloch Season 1 Episode 4, and more.

After being kidnapped by Tamer, Peri visits a doctor to talk about her experience. She fell for him while he held her captive in the cellar. She ended the session by leaving Tamer’s presence. He attempts to face his deception head-on and asks her to reconsider. Her feelings for him were more like an obsessive madness.

Cop Adam Episode 25 Release Date

To everyone’s surprise, Bülent invited Pek to move in with them at the mansion. Despite Peri’s best efforts to ignore Tamer, the latter is constantly fixated on her. Tamer flies in to meet her at the hotel. When she told Tamer she was pregnant, he was ecstatic. They’re back to being a normal couple again. The happy news has arrived, and Tamer and Peri are here to share it with Bülent and Pek.

Where can I Watch Episode 25 of Cop Adam?

On the Turkish Star Tv channel, viewers may see the 25th episode of the Cop Adam series. The episodes are available for free on the youtube channel öp Adam to everyone in the world.


Cop Adam is a Turkish romance-thriller show that follows Tamer and Peri’s lives as they struggle with Peri’s pregnancy. The last episode will air on June 14, 2023, at 8 p.m. Turkey Time. Peri and Aysel rescue Peri from Tamer, but the situation worsens when Tamer gives in to the blackmailer.

Peri visits a doctor to talk about her experience and falls for him while he holds her captive. They are back to being a normal couple and share the happy news.

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