Cody Rigsby Breakup: Cody Rigsby Declares a Breakup with His Ex-Boyfriend Andres Alfaro!


Cody Rigsby Breakup: Cody Rigsby Declares a Breakup with His Ex-Boyfriend Andres Alfaro!


Andres Alfaro and Cody Rigsby have split up after almost four years of dating. Officially, this relationship is over. Many unions eventually dissolve. It’s never fun to think of your relationship as a failure, whether you’re the one getting rejected or the one trying to figure out how to break the news.

After hearing stories that Rigsby and Alfaro got into a brawl, fans are speculating as to whether a third party was involved. In the comments sections of their social media posts, there are several discussions on whether they split up or chose to keep their relationship quiet. Continue reading to learn more about their relationship’s history and the reasons for their most recent breakup.

Cause of Their Breakup

Despite reports of Cody Rigsby and Andres Alfaro’s breakup, their exact split date is still unknown. Rigsby and Alfaro reportedly split up, according to Twitter rumors. Neither has, however, publicly declared their separation from the world. Their Instagram account clearly demonstrates that they separated in April of this year.


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They both made the decision to stop following one another on Instagram at the same time. Even more, trouble was taken to remove the tag from the images they posted together.

It looks like the images have not been deleted. It stands to reason that they don’t want their followers to learn that they split up. However, people started to assume a terrible split when neither party shared any fresh photos of the other on social media.

Could you let me know whether Cody Rigsby is seeing anyone right now?

Following the breakup of his four-year relationship with Andres Alfaro, Cody Rigsby is currently single. American dancer and fitness expert Cody is well-known here. After graduating from college, Rigsby has worked with Pitbull, Saturday Night Live, and Katy Perry. He has furthermore worked in gay bars.

He performed in the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to support Nicki Minaj. They began dating in 2018, but they didn’t make their relationship public until March 2020. They appear to have split up as of April 2022.


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The Peloton Coach mentioned in a previous interview with Vogue that their relationship had gotten better when they became public with their relationship. The couple has been seen vacationing and attending live sporting events together since making their public declaration of love, all of which have been captured in photos and captions posted on social media.

Can You Guess Cody Rigsby’s Love Interest? Is He Over It Now?

Former Cody Rigsby business partner Andres Alfaro is now a trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp. General Manager with a Proven Track Record of Success and Significant Experience in the Health, Wellness, and Fitness Industry.

He is skilled in operations management, talent management, leadership, quality control, and customer service. He has experience in the fitness industry. His major throughout his time at Hunter College was community health.

Can You Guess Cody Rigsby’s Love Interest? Is He Over It Now?

Although they haven’t publicly admitted to being single, they stopped following each other on Instagram months ago. However, moving on from someone after four years of dating might be difficult, particularly if it was difficult for them to come out to their friends and family in the beginning.

Before they felt secure enough to tell the world about their relationship, they spent around two years getting to know one another. They have kept the secret even if they have moved on with someone else.

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