Choose or Die: Netflix’s Next Horror Film

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Choose or Die is now available. Fans enjoyed the film and the unique computer-driven premise. Update: Choose Or Die: Movies and television programmes are released virtually every day or week. They distinguish certain distinctions among themselves while also sharing some commonalities. Because it is the twenty-first century, the focus of the films is extremely scientific and computerised.

There will be a slew of films and television shows whose plots are entirely centred on computers or some form of terror. If we’re talking about these two, we shouldn’t forget about the newly released film. It’s a game called Choose Or Die.

Choose or Die is a horror film with a novel premise inspired by computer games. In this film, computer games push some players to make questionable or even horrific judgments. It’s a Netflix original film with a traditional survival theme. The narrative of the film is cursed and has supernatural aspects.

Are you prepared to watch as an outdated video game warps reality? Everything you need to know about Netflix’s Choose or Die is right here. That ancient video game you’ve been dying to play. It might not be worth the work or risk of bringing it out of storage. In Netflix’s Choose or Die, a 1980s video game twists reality and pushes the player. To make decisions that endanger someone else’s or their own lives. In Toby Meakins’ feature picture directorial debut. Further two friends playing an ancient video game set in motion a chain of events. That they can’t stop until they finish the game or die trying. All in the hopes of winning a monetary reward.

Choose or Die

The trailer for Choose or Die, written and produced by Simon Allen, best known for The Musketeers, was published on March 29, 2022. Those who want to see the movie won’t have to wait long. To find out what happens when you play an ancient video game. While you wait, here’s everything you need to know about Choose or Die before it arrives on Netflix.

What We Know About the Plot

According to the narrative summary, Kayla (Iola Evans), a broke college student, is playing an ancient computer game in order to collect the unclaimed prize money that comes with finishing the game. Kayla begins playing the game, believing it would be simple, but she is unaware of the curse she has unleashed. 

According to the trailer, Kayla has lost her job, she or someone she knows is likely to be evicted from their house, and she has nowhere else to turn. When she discovers an outdated video game, CURS>R (pronounced Curser), with a $125,000 cash prize that has never been claimed, it appears to be the solution to her financial problems. However, the game appears to have weird and perhaps hazardous effects on reality, prompting Kayla to wonder if the money is worth the harm she’ll have to create to win it.

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Kayla is shown advancing through the game despite seeing the repercussions of her choices in the trailer. Cut shots show a person on video detailing how the game works, informing the viewer that “the more the cursed suffers, the more the curser gains,” but it’s unclear if he means the player or the game itself by “curser.” Is this person the creator of the game, a victim of its reality, or someone conducting study into it? Another person, an elderly guy, is seen playing the game, and he appears to be suffering with the decisions he must make. Is he someone who tried to claim the reward before Kayla, or someone who is attempting to do so alongside Kayla?

What We Know About the Cast

Kayla is played by Iola Evans, while Isaac, Kayla’s buddy, is played by Asa Butterfield. Butterfield may be familiar to Netflix watchers from Sex Education, while others may recognise him from The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Hugo, or Ender’s Game. Evans is well-known for her roles on The 100 and Carnival Row. Eddie Marsan (V for Vendetta, Vice) portrays Hal, the other person who tries to play CURS>R at one point, however it is unclear how far Hal progressed in the game. Despite the fact that just his voice is heard in the clip, horror icon Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street) is characterised as portraying a fictionalised version of himself, which should be intriguing to watch and a pleasant treat for moviegoers.

Choose or Die

Angela Griffin (Coronation Street) plays Thea, a lady who looks to be a cousin or friend of Kayla’s. It is when the eviction notice is issued. Laura is played by Kate Fleetwood (The Wheel of Time). While Grace, the server shown being forced to eat glass in the teaser, is played by Ioanna Kimbook. Ryan Gage (The Hobbit, The Musketeers) will play Lance, Caroline Loncq (The Protégé) will play Maria, Joe Bolland will play Beck, and Pete MacHale (The Feed) will play Gabe.

Date of Publication

The film will be available on Netflix on April 15, 2022.

Everything Else We Are Aware of

Filming began in London in April 2021, with Netflix securing distribution rights in July of that year. The film was initially titled CURS>R after the in-universe game, but it was eventually changed to Choose or Die, which is a statement that the game repeatedly repeats back to the player. The latter has a more appealing ring to it.

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The score was written by Liam Howlett, well known as the co-founder of the British band The Prodigy. Howlett not only composes songs for the band, but also plays the piano, drum machine, and several other instruments to produce The Prodigy’s signature EDM sound. Howlett, who is also a classical pianist, was a founding member of The Prodigy in 1990 and has been engaged in the music industry ever since. 

Choose or Die soundtrack will undoubtedly have a wonderful sound that is representative of the historical period in which the game was produced, with Howlett producing it.

Choose or Die

The Release Date of Choose or Die, a Netflix Original Film

The film features a terrific cast and a great tale plot that appears to be pretty familiar to us. It has a similar atmosphere to the films A Nightmare on Elm Street and It Follows. It’s also located in a neighbourhood that seems similar to Candy Man. From the trailer, it appears to be a highly entertaining film.

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The poster depicts Iola Evan as well as Butterfield, the film’s primary protagonist. In reality, though, Iola is the protagonist, and she is the one who follows throughout the film. When it comes to the activities of these two performers, they did an excellent job. The actress is most known for her role in the film Carnival Row. If we look at Butterfield, we can see him in movies like Sex Education, which is available on Netflix.

To obtain the sum of about $1250 000, Iola, a college student, opted to play a survival computer game. This game is from the 1980s, yet it crashes her and forces her to make some risky decisions. There were a number of terrible moments in the film where she realises she’s not playing for money, but for her life. So, in order to go on with her life, she joins forces with Butterfield, whose character is named Isaac. The game appears to force these two into a terrifying loop.


With that in mind, check in on April 15 to see Kayla and Isaac take on CURS>R and see whether they survive.

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