Alert! Chicago Fire Spoiler: What Happened to Rebecca Jones in Chicago Fire Season 2?


Alert! Chicago Fire Spoiler: What Happened to Rebecca Jones in Chicago Fire Season 2?


Over the years, Chicago Fire has seen its fair share of characters come and go. Daisy Betts performed the One Chicago character Rebecca Jones, who longtime fans may remember. Jones has not appeared on Chicago Fire in quite some time, and some fans may have forgotten what happened to her.

Who Was Rebecca Jones on ‘Chicago Fire’?

Rebecca Jones was introduced in Season 2 of Chicago Fire. She was a candidate for a fireman who trained with Gabriela Dawson. Rebecca, the daughter of the assistant district fire chief, is eager to demonstrate her worth. Yet, she does not always approach things correctly.

Who Was Rebecca Jones on ‘Chicago Fire’?

After discovering Jones cheating on a written exam, Dawson harbors hatred toward her. Jones passes the final physical exam while Dawson fails, despite the fact that Dawson assisted Jones when her hose became entangled on the steps. Jones becomes the next candidate for Firehouse 51, while Dawson returns to his paramedic duties.

What Happened to Rebecca Jones in Chicago Fire Season 2?

Jones does not fit in immediately at Firehouse 51. She is the only woman on Truck 81, and her father gives her an air of entitlement. Jones is also admonished by Matthew Casey for disobeying orders, and an anonymous formal complaint is lodged against her at one time.

What Happened to Rebecca Jones in Chicago Fire Season 2?

Jones’s situation improves with time, and she resolves some tension between her and Dawson. However, Jones’ father orders Casey and Chief Boden to fire her in the hopes that she would find a desk job that is safer. Jones intends to quit and take the desk job despite Casy and Boden’s refusal to terminate her.

Jones delivers the news to Herrmann at Molly’s. She also describes her father’s cold disposition towards her. Jones was in a car accident with her mother when she was 10 years old.

Jones is now a continuous reminder of the death of her mother to her father. Despite Herrmann’s efforts to offer support to Jones, she commits suicide shortly after their conversation.

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Why Did the Authors Decide to Kill Jones?

Matt Olmstead, the executive producer of Chicago Fire, addressed the writers’ choice to murder Rebecca Jones in an interview with TV Guide in 2014.

Why Did the Authors Decide to Kill Jones?

Olmstead told the publication, “We wanted to make an arc with this female fireman, the Jones character, and we felt she would be a bit of a nemesis for the Dawson character.”

He added that the original plan called for Jones to have an injury and decide to quit firefighting. She also planned to have a brief relationship with the character Jeff Clarke, portrayed by Jeff Hephner. Hephner, though, received a new chance and left Chicago Fire.

“So then we looked at the Jones character fresh and that’s when we were like — as we often times do — how can we get the maximum impact of this character leaving the show?” Olmstead continued.

“As opposed to just, ‘I’m not cut out for it,’ hand in a resignation and leave, we started exploring options, and one of them was: What would it be like? What would the emotional ramification be for our main character if her character was to die? That’s what we started digging in on.”

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