Cast and Creator of Resident Evil Have Revealed That the Horror Series on Netflix Is “Very Much R-rated.”

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There will be a new Resident Evil. Another live-action installment in the franchise, this time featuring zombies, will air on television this time around. The show, created by Supernatural’s Andrew Dabb, alternates between two realities to examine the devastating effects of the T-virus and the Umbrella Corporation once again.

Adult Jade Wesker, the daughter of Umbrella executive Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick), is played by Ella Balinska. Tamara Smart plays little Jade Wesker, Siena Adubong plays Jade’s sister Billie, and Paola Nez plays Albert’s supervisor Evelyn Marcus in the series.

Compared to other adaptations of Capcom’s video games, how well do you think this one holds up? A few members of the Resident Evil ensemble, including Dabb and Reddick, were interviewed by Rotten Tomatoes to provide further light on this gory horror comedy.

If you’re interested in Netflix’s live-action Resident Evil, here are five things you need to know.

1. The Albert Wesker That You Have in Mind Is Not This One at All

The Umbrella Corporation has been portrayed as the ultimate villain in pretty much every Albert Wesker adaptation up to this point. Dabb and crew subverted viewer expectations and crafted a more nuanced, compassionate version of the character for the series to keep things new.

Resident Evil 2022

Dabb remarked, “Albert Wesker is a fascinating figure.” Consider this: “How can we convey that persona in a way that is going to be, you know, surprising to them? As soon as they watch the trailers, audiences are left wondering: Is that Albert Wesker, the suburban dad? As in, “How the heck did it occur?”

As expected, viewers will need to tune in to find out what happened. Reddick doesn’t want to provide any surprises, but he did share a characteristic of Albert Wesker’s character that helped shape Reddick’s portrayal on The Wire.

He said, “I never wanted to be a parent, but you’ve made me better,” and continued, “There’s this fantastic monologue that I had at the end that was chopped.” Not great, but acceptable.

2. Given That It Is a Resident Evil Title, the Battles Are Very Epic

Jade Wesker is introduced to viewers in the year 2036. The renegade scientist’s effort to investigate the Zeroes places her in more dangerous situations. Furthermore, given that this show is based on one of the most successful survival horror video game franchises ever, spectacular battle scenes are to be anticipated.

The actress Balinska put it best when she said, “This isn’t my first rodeo.” Balinska, who is no stranger to the world of fight choreography and weapons training, shared some details about her preparation for the part of the action hero.

We wanted all these scenes to seem deadly outside of the carefully scripted battle sequences you’re used to seeing in this movie, she said. Since most of what we were looking for was grappling in nature, I found that my training in jujutsu was really applicable.

Because “when you’re being chased by a Zero that’s covered in prosthetics and gore and wearing contact lenses and can barely see and we’re shooting in the middle of the night, even if we tried to choreograph it, it wouldn’t end up being what we wanted it to be,” Balinska continued, “a lot of that is figuring stuff out, moment-to-moment,” which was actually very practical on set.

When compared to her previous acting experience, how does working on Resident Evil stack up? The 2019 Charlie’s Angels and Run Sweetheart Run actor, Balinska, stated with a grin, “That was one of the single most thrilling battle sequences I’ve done in my career thus far.” This specific scene involved a swarm of the undead.

3. The Show Is Based on the Video Games’ Narrative Structure Rather Than the Movies’

It might be difficult to keep track of all the Resident Evil references throughout the pop culture landscape. There have been 24 video games and 7 films released so far. Exactly where does this brand-new TV program fall under this scheme?

We based more on the games, as Dabb put it. All the games up to Resident Evil Village take place in our universe, and that includes the original game. Now, from that moment, we’re going to proceed on this path, and the games are gonna go in that way.

We’re going to take our own road a little bit and tell a tale that grows off them, but hopefully still feels like a component of everything else. And if the games do something three or four years down the line that is fantastic, we will happily steal it. But, definitely, we don’t anticipate the games to respond to anything that we’re doing.”

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Reddick stated he “didn’t even realize when this when this idea came to me that it was based on video games, I just knew the movies.”

To help him decide whether or not to continue, he was permitted to read the first seven episodes of the show like a novel. And so I did what any reader would do: I reacted to the character and the tale as they appeared on the page.

To me, the most important thing was making the words on the page come alive. And it wasn’t until after I really got into it, and we started filming that I started to appreciate how massive the video game series is.”

4. The Story Revolves Around Intense Family Strife and Traumatic Experiences From Childhood

At the center of the series is a tangled family drama, which is a little something Supernatural’s Dabb knows a thing or two about. However, this “family company” is riddled with secrets, cover-ups, and bad judgment that ultimately leads to the end of the planet.

In this case, the narrative is broken up into two time periods: Jade and Billie, Albert’s fraternal twin daughters, are teens in New Raccoon City in the year 2022, and the show’s apocalyptic future, set 14 years later, depicts the havoc that ensues at every turn.

Resident Evil 2022

The connecting fiber between these narratives resides in the sisterly relationship between Wesker’s daughters, and the knowledge that — surprise! — The Umbrella Corporation is up to no good.

“Both Billie and Jade have entirely different ties with their father,” Agudong stated. Billie, I believe, serves as a peacemaker, a role she must frequently assume. There are a lot of intriguing dynamics at play here. And it unquestionably varies with the seasons. However, the fact that you are Albert Wesker’s daughter makes you a fascinating character.

5. The Situation Becomes Violent. To Put It Another Way: BLOODY!

Dabb stated, “Let’s put it this way; they offered us an infinite blood budget.” Also, while comparisons to other high-budget zombie-filled TV shows are inevitable, it’s important to note that Resident Evil takes a somewhat different approach.

The series has a cheesy, B-movie style throughout. This is most assuredly a show about a global epidemic that ushers at the end of days. On the other hand, it has a lively spirit that reminds viewers to take things lightly by chomping the surroundings and winking at the camera. However, the use of blood and gore effects is always necessary and appropriate for the subject being told.

Let’s have a good time if you’re going to do that, I say. Blood makes sense here, but it shouldn’t be overdone to a ludicrous degree, there are times when this is a consideration. Dabb remarked, “We really tried to tread that line.”

When does it get really gross?

He said, “This is very much an R-rated series.” Additionally, “it’s probably more gruesome and R-rated than the movies ever were.”

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