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Cara Delevingne Has Paid $10.8 Million to Acquire Jimmy Fallon’s Apartment in New York City

Jeremy Caroll

Cara Delevingne is set to become the new owner of the magnificent New York City condo that Jimmy Fallon now resides in! According to the property records of the city, the British model and actress has shelled out an enormous sum of money—10.8 million—in order to acquire Fallon’s triplex in Gramercy Park.

It was reported in May of this year that the Suicide Squad actress has signed an agreement to buy the tv host’s four-unit triplex combination, which is when the transaction was brought to the attention of the general public for the first time. Continue reading to learn more about the transaction, and look at some images of the apartment’s stunning interior design.

Jimmy put the property on the market for $15 Million.

In March of 2021, the actor and comedian, who is now 47 years old, put his home on the market for a staggering price of $15 million. According to the sources at the time, the final acquisition was for a few million less than expected and was an off-market transaction.

The residence spans a total area of 5000 square feet and can be found at 34 Gramercy Park East in the prestigious Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan. It is a combination of four flats spread out over three levels and has a total of six bedrooms as well as five complete bathrooms.

Photos of the stunning property, which also has a saloon, hidden tunnels, and an unique staircase, are currently going viral on the internet. The property also features a building designed in the Queen Anne style. In the past, this location was home to a number of notable people, such as the actor James Cagney and the actress Margaret Brainard Hamilton, best known for her role as the Wicked Witch of the West in the film The Wizard of Oz.

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In 2002, Fallon made the house his new home

In the year 2002, Jimmy Fallon paid $850,000 for the first unit in the apartment building, which was a bachelor pad with one bedroom. After that, he gradually assembled his residence over the course of several decades, ultimately transforming it into a four-apartment penthouse that he and his wife, the film producer Nancy Juvonen, who is 53 years old, shared.

The first apartment that Fallon ever had was located on the seventh floor of the old cooperative building. In 2004, he invested $1.5 million to purchase a unit on the same floor as his old one-bedroom apartment, which he then combined with the new space. The next year, in 2010, he shelled out $1.35 million to purchase an apartment on the eighth story of the building.

On the building’s top floor, he purchased a unit with four bedrooms for $1.35 million and a studio apartment for $725,000 in the year 2014. Records from the Department of Buildings dating back to 2014 indicate that Fallon had the intention of combining four of these five units into a triplex.

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The walls of the home are adorned with works of art and antique wallpapers.

The triplex is a fantasy home since it is decorated with vibrant colors, original artwork, and vintage wallpaper. The entrance to the house is on the seventh story, and there is a lobby as well as a living room off to the side. In addition, there are two bedrooms and two bathrooms on this floor, as well as a home office, a laundry room, and a kitchen with a dining area that overlooks the exclusive Gramercy Park.

A bespoke staircase links each level of the building together. In addition, there is a children’s playroom in the house for Jimmy’s young girls, complete with monkey bars and a chalkboard wall. On the eighth floor, there is a home gym in addition to a saloon area that is maintained for entertaining purposes. The master suite, two further bedrooms, a second playroom, and a laundry room can all be found on the ninth floor of the building.

Congratulations are in order for Cara Delevingne on the successful purchase of her ideal home. Keep an eye out for further reports and updates.

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