Between Us Episode 8 Release Date


Between Us Episode 8 Release Date & Stream Guide


The release date for Between Us Episode 8 of the Thai drama is now revealed. The show premiered in early November 2022. There were 12 installments in total. Before we go any further, here are some details regarding the plot of Between Us episode 8.

Teem is a skilled swimmer who has recently started college. But he can never offer his maximum effort in swimming events. After recognizing that the problem is not Teem’s ability or dedication, but rather his trauma and the difficulty it causes him to sleep, upperclassman on the swim team Win offers up his room for the Team to stay in.

Teem’s performance has improved, and feelings between the two young men begin to develop in the protection of the group.

The Team wasn’t the only one whose difficulties from his past were limiting his growth. Win struggles with how to accept love and show special respect for those close to him.

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Between Us Episode 7 Recap

As shown in the most recent episode of Between Us, Win’s eyelids twitched as Teem entered the water. When the incident occurred, he was about to strike TeEm but controlled himself out of fear and rage about losing a lover, instead holding TeEm.

Bounce and Prem’s talk was really great. Dean is congratulated by the Team on his swimming abilities and informed that Phaarm awaits him outside. As a result, he is forced to leave the room. Every classmate invites him out for a drink, but he declines.

Between Us Episode 8 Release Date

The most recent emotionally charged episode reveals to viewers that Prince meets Bee. Bee had not anticipated his presence. However, Prince’s unannounced office visit surprised him.

Prince compliments him on his efforts during practice and jokes that if they had faced off against the Shark, he would have won. When Bee requested to be seen, he was questioned as to why he did not decline his offer.

Prince tells him that his time spent traveling so far to see his practice was not wasted. And it was completely worth it for him. Prince replied that he liked it.

Bee then leans over to Prince and says the same thing. Prince gives Bee skin cream because too much sun damage is harmful to him.

When Prince returns, he informs him that they may meet later. During the show, Win and Tul are seen drinking while Win’s sibling enters the restaurant, which surprised Tool. The Tool informs Win that Waan’s arrival must be communicated to him.

When he talks to Win about Teem, he also challenges his own sentiments and thoughts about seeing him every day. The win is then seen saying that he is scared of these new sentiments she has begun to experience since he is unsure if they are true.

Dean was seen taking Phaarm from his office. Dean pledges to take the team to a riverside resort in Kanchanaburi if they do well in the exam and the outcome is favorable.

Pharm is pleased to hear the news, but quickly grows enraged and informs him that he is not a member of a club. Dean responds by assuring him that he is the President of the club and that he should not be concerned.

He claims to be on his way to the club’s restroom. The house grabs the winner right away. The fans are then treated to the tender dialogues between Waan and Tool.

When Tool notices Waan thinking about something, he urges him to exchange his load with another person because it helps the process. Waan also informs him of the person with whom he shares everything.

Between Us Episode 8 Release Date

Between Us, Episode 8 will be released on December 25, 2022. Between Us, Episode 8 will air on GMM One at around 11:45 p.m. Thailand Time.

International viewers can watch the Between Us episodes that have been posted using iQiyi or Studio Wabi Sabi on the days and times stated below.

How to Watch Between Us Episode 8

Between Us: The series will be accessible to watch on the YouTube channel Studio Wabi Sabi in Thailand and around the world. The episodes will be uploaded in four parts, as is customary for the BL series on the channel.

With a valid membership, the episodes can be viewed on the International streaming platform IQIYI. The IQIYI episode will be longer than the YouTube episode since it will include full, uncut versions of the NC (18+) sequences.

How Many Episodes Will Between Us the Series Have?

Between Us: The Series will contain a total of 16 episodes, with one episode released each Sunday. With the release of this episode, there are just 8 episodes left in the series.

In the key parts, Boun Noppanut Guntachai will play Win, and Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong will play Team. Thai actors in the BL series include Sood, O, Samantha, Boston, Art, Tae, Ryu, Fluke, Ohm, Pineare, and Santa.

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