Better Call Saul Season 6, Episode 13 Release Date, Time, Analysis, Where to Watch!


Better Call Saul Season 6, Episode 13 Release Date, Time, Analysis, Where to Watch!

Jeremy Caroll

Another series high point was Episode 12. As viewers were treated to incredible character development, the beginning of Saul’s downfall was triggered. This is what happened in the most recent episode:

  • In the Breaking Bad timeline, Episode 12 begins with Jimmy (as Saul) in his office. Francesca is irritated because he has a large number of clients waiting to see him late at night. However, Saul is too preoccupied with a divorce document from Kim Wexler.
  • In Gene’s timeline, we see Kim going about her daily life.
  • Kim works as an office administrator for the company Palm Coast Sprinkler. Despite a drastic change in career (from law to administration), Kim appears to be embracing a new world with few thrills, engaging in a new social life with a group of female coworkers.
  • At work, Kim receives a phone call. It’s Jimmy calling. After six years apart, Jimmy asks if they can “catch up,” but Kim tells him he shouldn’t be calling her and that he should turn himself into the authorities. Kim is moved to tears by the conversation.
  • Following this phone call, Kim travels to a county courthouse. She then meets Howard’s wife, Cheryl, and hands her a document. It’s an account of what happened to Howard and how he died at the hands of Lalo; the document emphasizes how Howard was in “the wrong place at the wrong time” as a result of Kim and Jimmy’s interference.
  • Cheryl is stunned, but Kim assures her that Howard was not harmed. Cheryl does not believe Kim’s sentiments because she knows Howard’s life was a lie. Kim assures Cheryl that she wants to change Howard’s story — she tells her that it is up to the District Attorney whether to prosecute after receiving this document, but that it may not happen because there is no evidence.

Better Call Saul finale release date and time: How to watch online right  now | Tom's Guide

  • Jimmy (as Gene) infiltrates the wealthy man’s residence and steals his financial information. However, his friend and co-conspirator, Jeff, crashes his cab while the cops are nearby. The wealthy man pulls over and informs the officers that he has been robbed. Jeff requires bail to be released from prison.
  • Returning to the Breaking Bad timeline, Saul and Kim are signing divorce papers in Saul’s office. As they finish the proceedings, Saul makes small talk with her, which catches Kim off guard. “Have a nice life,” Saul advises her.

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  • Outside, Kim lights a cigarette. Jesse is outside, and he asks for a cigarette while muttering about the rain. He recognizes her as the attorney who represented one of his friends. Jesse inquires of Kim whether Saul Goodman is a good lawyer. “When I knew him, he was,” she says, running out into the rain to her car.
  • Back in the Gene timeline, Gene calls Jeff’s mother, Marion, and informs her that her son has been arrested. He assures her that it will be a cash bail and that it will be simple because “it isn’t like Albuquerque.” Gene walks Marion through the plan and tells her he’ll pick her up in the morning, which makes Marion suspicious. Marion pulls out her laptop after their phone call.
  • Gene arrives at Marion’s house and notices she is deep in her laptop. Marion tells Gene to go to the police station himself, but then he notices what she’s looking at on her laptop: a Better Call Saul television commercial. In the advertisement, Gene can hear himself talking about Albuquerque.

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  • Gene asks Marion if she thinks he’s Saul, but she’s ready for his nonsense. She searched for “con-man, Albuquerque,” which led her to Saul. Marion attempts to call the police, but Gene disconnects her phone and asks her to consider the “bigger picture.” Marion reaches for the alarm button around her neck. She is an elderly woman who has a home set up for an assisted living.
  • Marion activates the alarm, and a nurse speaks to her over the speakers; Marion informs the nurse that she is with a criminal named Saul Goodman. Gene runs away from the house.

Better Call Saul Season 6, Episode 13 Release Date

The series finale and final episode of Better Call Saul will air on AMC on August 15, 2022.

Where to Watch Online Season 6, Episode 13 

Better Call Saul season 6, episode 13, the finale, will air on AMC on the above-mentioned date. Episode 13 will be available on Netflix worldwide on August 16th, 2022, at midnight PT.

Where to Watch Online Season 6, Episode 13 

Questions and predictions

Only a few questions remain as we conclude this brilliant series:

  • Will Saul be apprehended? Will he meet the same fate as Walter?
  • Is Kim going to be arrested? Kim appears to have taken the moral path in her life, so she may be the one who brings Jimmy/Saul down. It will be interesting to see if she is incarcerated.

Episode Analysis

Ah. Everything good must come to an end, but why? Can’t we be frozen in time and relive all of life’s great moments as if they were the first time? Better Call Saul has come to an end. I can’t believe I’m typing that.

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The show that was expected to fall into the shadow of its mighty predecessor outgrew its limitations and emerged as a truly masterful cinematic think piece without peer. It’s its own story about a man and a woman who have each other. However, they drift further away from themselves as a result. They are poisonous together, but we enjoy them. Oh, god. What a climax!

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