Belle Collective Season 2 Episode 11 Reunion: Part Two Release Date, Time and Where to Watch


Belle Collective Season 2 Episode 11 Reunion: Part Two Release Date, Time and Where to Watch


On Friday, October 17, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET, OWN will telecast the first segment of the Belle Collective Season 2 reunion Episode 2. The one-hour episode is available on Hulu + Live TV and Philo.

The first portion of the Belle Collective Season 2 reunion will be riddled with fighting, and a DNA test will take center stage. The prominent entrepreneurs’ significant others will also participate in the show to reveal the truth about their relationships. The episode’s official summary states.

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What to expect from the first reunion of Belle Collective’s second season?

The first segment of the Season 2 reunion of Belle Collective will involve a dispute between Lateisha and Aikisha, as Lateisha argues in a sneak peek that Aikisha would have no plot without her. In addition, the ladies will explore Marie’s tendency to criticize others.

Later, Lateisha will discuss her husband Glen’s extramarital affair and possible child with another lady. When asked if she would divorce Glen if the baby turns out to be his, Lateisha said that it was not about the baby, but rather the affair, implying that she may really remain married to him.

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Recap of Belle Collective Season 2 Episode 9

Glen and Lateisha visited marriage therapy last week at Belle Collective to explore their future. Prior to this, Lateisha had missed three sessions due to marital uncertainty. She admitted that she feared falling in love with her husband again and that she would have made an effort sooner if she had known his actual sentiments.

Lateisha stated that she wanted other women to develop their best selves, thus she was hesitant about reintegrating Glen into her life. The pair eventually left in a cheerful mood, suggesting a pleasant conclusion.

Latrice requested that her husband, Cliff, communicate better and refrain from being impolite. She stated that his strong voice reminded her of her father’s commanding tone. She then took a pregnancy test, which was negative.

The plot summary for the episode titled Belle Beginnings and Endings is as follows:

“Marie recruits her friends to help her locate her mother; Aikisha finally breaks ground on Farish Street, and Lateshia struggles to accept Glen back. Latrice moved out prior to learning if she is going to become a mother.”

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Marie traveled to a seedy area in order to locate her mother, Lula, a drug addict. Her friends feared for their safety, but Marie only desired to protect her mother from untrustworthy individuals. Two weeks ago, she discovered that her mother had been living in a trap house with another person.

Lula approached Marie and requested $20, which the Belle Collective star agreed to provide if Lula’s mother accompanied her. Lula vowed to keep this situation but left the residence later. Due to hazardous neighborhood conditions, production had to ask Marie to leave the location. Marie feared that this is the final time she will see her mother well and live.

Enthusiasts of family-oriented drama should tune in since the program is a combination of innovative goals and spiciness. It promises to be a package filled with laughter, tears, and, of course, tension.

Both segments of the Belle Collective reunion will air every Friday at 9:00 p.m. ET on OWN.

Belle Collective Season 2 Episode 11 ( Reunion 2 ) will be released on 17 October 2022.

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