bastard anime Netflix season 2 release date


Bastard!! Part 2 of Heavy Metal and Dark Fantasy Receives a Netflix Release Date

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The Bastard: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 1 Part 2 is supposed to be returning this year. As a result, Season 2 will be known as Season 1 Part 2.

If you’re a fan of quality television, you’ve probably heard of anime and the hilarious Bastard series, both of which you should check out. Bastard: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy is a must-see for heavy metal and dark fantasy enthusiasts alike, but where is Season 2 of Bastard?

Although Bastard Season 2 has only recently premiered on Netflix, here is all we know so far about the show’s future.

Release Date for Season 2 of Bastard

Even while it’s great news for fans of Bastard: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy that a second season is on its way, they should keep in mind that it’s just Part 2 and not a completely new show. Season 1 of Bastard will be split into two parts and Season 2 will be released by the end of 2022, according to thetoughtackle to report in March.

If Bastard gets renewed for a second season in 2023 after the release of Season 1 Part 2, it will be clear whether or not the show was well received by the audience. Streaming is the only way you can watch the second season if you want it to get better ratings!

 bastard anime Netflix season 2 release date

Season 2 of Bastard will have plenty of content to draw from the manga’s original source material. We may even get a third season, as there are a lot of chapters that might be adapted. According to the current ratings and pacing, the 2022 revival may have up to three entire seasons, but Netflix shows are always determined by the number of viewers they receive.

Season 2 of Bastard will depend in part on how well it does with both domestic and international audiences, as well as on fan feedback and ratings. This season has received mixed reviews on most review sites, thus it’s still too early to say how fans feel about the show.

Considering how recently the show made its global debut, the viewership figures are bound to alter. Bastard has received mixed reviews from critics as well, with some claiming it is an overly sexualized anime with dated viewpoints.
Overall, if Bastard is able to keep his excellent name and push the plot to new heights in Season 2, we are confident that the show will be renewed for Season 3.

What Is Bastard About?

Gara, Nei Arches, Kall-Su, and Abigail make up the Four Lords of Havoc, according to the official summary of Metallicana’s realm, which is under siege by a gang of criminals. To get what they want, they’ll go to any lengths, even if it means creating mayhem.

To help save the kingdom and its people, High Priest Geo summons the formidable wizard Dark Schneider, a former enemy of the villains, but he has his own plans, so he might not want to join them.

 bastard anime Netflix season 2 release date

This is a fan favorite because it is so dreadful that it is funny. It made fun of itself by riffing on a number of common story cliches, and we found the dialogue to be hilariously bad at times. The handsome guy is usually victorious in this anime, which is highly regarded by its viewers. For a lighthearted giggle and something to watch in your leisure time, we’d recommend this film.

Our story begins in the far future after an apocalypse has unleashed a slew of strange and evil creatures. With sorcery, sword fighting, and armor plating as their primary weapons, four chaos warlord factions band together to free a creature of ultimate darkness from its shackles. We are hoping that Season 2 of Bastard will be as enjoyable as the first.

Where Can I Watch Bastard Anime?

The first season of the anime series Bastard is available on many streaming websites, including Netflix and Crunchyroll.

Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Summary

Bastard!! Heavy Metal and Dark Fantasy will take you on an epic adventure as you observe how a revived wizard from eons past overcomes evil forces to rescue the planet. He will face numerous obstacles, some of which will need him to focus all of his magical strength in order to have any hope of success. Nonetheless, once this wizard emerges, the cosmos changes. Humanity finally has a chance.


Kazushi Hagiwara began writing the iconic manga series Bastard in 1988, and it was finally finished in 2010. If you’re a fan of both D&D and Glam Rock, this concert is for you. Metallica, the Kingdom in question, finds itself embroiled in a conflict with the Four Lords of Havoc. To free the great wizard imprisoned within her childhood companion Lushe Renren, the high priest tells his daughter. The chances of Lushe Renren’s survival are slim.

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