Are You the One? Season 9 Episode 3 Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

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Are You the One? Season 9 Episode 3 Release Date, Time & Where to Watch


Are You the One?  The release date for S9 Episode 3 is out. For those who have missed the most recent episode or have been devotedly following the season without missing a single installment, we will reveal all pertinent information regarding the show.

The first episode was more of an introduction in which the contestants engaged in a ritual of pairing off. After a three-year hiatus, the show returned to the small screen.

The first international episode will be taped in Gran Canaria, Spain, and hosted by Kamie Crawford, a dating coach, and television personality. Before becoming the show’s regular co-host in 2020, Crawford served as one of the alternating hosts on “Catfish.”

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Cindy also hosted the homecoming episode of “Sweet Life: Los Angeles” on HBO Max. “Are You the One?” is created by ITV Netherlands. Matthew Parillo is the executive in charge, with Noah Moskin, Amy Boyle, Sarah Pendelton, and Diana Morelli serving as executive producers.

What to Expect From Are You the One? Season 9 Episode 3

With the new season, “Are You the One?” has returned. MTV will conduct a sociological experiment on modern romance by assisting 11 women and 11 men in finding a suitable partner.

Are You the One? Season 9 Episode 3 Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

These eager lovers participated in a meticulous matchmaking procedure using a unique dating algorithm designed to assess compatibility. The result? Twenty singles are given suggested matches in an effort to find a suitable match.

11 ideal pairings have been identified using this method, with the caveat that the singles were not informed of the results. These individuals will eventually meet their true match.

Are You the One? Season 9 Episode 3 Release Date

Are You the One? Season 9 Episode 3 Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

Are You the One? The release date for Season 9 Episode 3 is January 25, 2023. Are You the One? In the United States, S9 Episode 3 will premiere on Paramount+ at 3 a.m. Fans can also stream the third episode of Season 9 of Are You the One at approximately 8 am GMT, 7 pm AEDT, 1.30 pm IST, and 2 am CST.

Where to Watch Are You the One? S9 Episode 3?

Are You the One? Are You the One? S9 Episode 3 will premiere on paramount+ at approximately 3 a.m. for American viewers, while viewers from other countries must cross-reference the times listed above to ensure they don’t miss the premiere on Roku premium, Hulu, Netflix, or CBS apps.

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Fans can expect to pay around $10 for the Paramount+ basic plan, while Hulu’s standard package can cost around $15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did Netflix Remove Are You the One?

Season 5 of ‘Are You the One?’ has been removed from U.S. streaming services following allegations by Gianna Hammer. Apr 19, 2021

Does the Cast of Are You the One Get Paid?

In order to win the final matchmaking ceremony, the contestants had to obtain all eleven perfect match beams, which they did. Since the money is divided evenly among the 22 contestants, each would receive approximately $45,450.

Which is the Best Season of Are You the One?

Are You the one? Season 6 has the highest ratings of the entire series, and it’s easy to see why. The sixth season unquestionably met the expectations of the majority of series’ fans, who enter each season anticipating a great deal of interpersonal drama and progression.

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