American Born Chinese Season 2 Release Date:


American Born Chinese Season 2 Release Date: Who Will Be Back for Season 2?

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American Born Chinese Season 2 Release Date: Wei-Chen fell from the sky and threw a bomb into Jin’s life, which blew up everything Jin thought he knew about the world.

Plus side? His secret obsession with comic book stories turned out to be true, and life is a lot more magical and interesting than he could have ever imagined. He even stopped the Bull-demons from taking over heaven, and if saving the world doesn’t give him the boost of confidence he’s been looking for, there’s no hope for him.

You know it was a crazy, fast-paced ride because you saw it, and if you’ve made it this far, it’s likely that all the mythological madness got to you. But are there going to be more?

Here’s everything we know about the second season of American Born Chinese.

Is American Born Chinese Season 2 Happening?

Since the first season of American Born Chinese just came out, neither Disney Plus nor the people who make the show have said for sure that there will be a second season. But the fact that the first season has gotten so many good reviews is definitely a good sign for the show’s future.

Even if the original visual novel is done, the story could always be continued if the right ideas could be put together. Comic book movies and TV shows often turn into series, and American Born Chinese is similar to a superhero story in that way.

American Born Chinese Season 2 Release Date

Is there going to be a second season of American-Born Chinese? We’re sure hoping so. Jin, who was in the 10th grade, was just beginning to understand how things worked. He was just starting to figure out who he is, who he wants to be, and how he wants the rest of the world to see him, and we’d bet that he’s still learning about himself. Even more so when you think about all the magical things he could do.

American Born Chinese Season 2 Release Date:

Disney+ hasn’t said anything about a second season yet, which isn’t anything to worry about right now. The first season just came out on May 24, so we don’t think there will be a new one for a while. No matter what, it’s not likely that a second season will come out before spring 2024.

We hope that luck will be on our side. Yeo Yann Yann, who plays Christine, says that there is definitely room for more stories.

Who Will Be Back for Season 2 of American Born Chinese?

Jin, played by Ben Wang, has to come back, and hopefully so will his parents Christine (Yeo Yann Yann) and Simon (Chin Han), but their future is uncertain, so it’s 50/50 (or more like 90/10, since we can’t imagine American Born Chinese without them).

The following cast would have to come along:

Character Actor
Jim Liu Wei-Chen
Michelle Yeoh Guanyin
Daniel Wu Sun Wukong
Ke Huy Quan Freddy Wong
Sydney Taylor Amelia

What Will Happen in the Second Season of American-Born Chinese?

Jin’s epic moment, when he saved the world from Niu Mowang (also known as the Bull Demon) while bathed in glorious, otherworldly light and a stadium full of people cheered and called him the “fourth scroll,” had serious effects.

American Born Chinese Season 2 Release Date:

He may have saved the sky and the earth, but his deeds have put him on the radar of someone. Someone strong enough to take his parents away. This mystery being from Wei-Chen’s world was kind enough to give the teen a chilling ultimatum: “Come with me if you want to see your parents again.”

Jin will probably learn more about what it means to be the fourth scroll in season two. He may also find he has a power he never thought he had. This power could be the key to getting his parents back, so it came at a good time. On the other hand, we don’t think the Jade Emperor will be able to keep Niu Mowang for long.

We can’t picture a scenario in which this spoiled “cow-baby” wouldn’t want to get back at Jin for stopping his plans to start an uprising. We’re lucky because this means Wei Chen will come back. He wouldn’t leave his best friend alone to deal with an angry Bull-demon.

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American Born Chinese, a popular TV show, has received positive reviews for its first season. The second season is expected to be released in spring 2024, with the cast including Jim Liu as Wei-Chen, Michelle Yeoh as Guanyin, and Sydney Taylor as Amelia. The show follows Jin’s journey to save the world from Niu Mowang, who threatens to take his parents away.

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