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Amber Portwood: Due to Her Alleged Mental Illness, She Is Denied Custody of Her Son

Jeremy Caroll

Amber Portwood is determined to preserve a positive attitude despite the fact that she was unable to retain custody of her son James, who is now 4 years old, following a three-year legal struggle with his father, Andrew Glennon.

An Indiana judge has reportedly granted the ex-husband of the Teen Mom OG actress sole legal and physical custody of the child, which means that James can go to California to live with Andrew at the Malibu mansion that his family owns. The news was revealed in court filings.

It has been stated that Amber took to Instagram Live shortly after the news broke to reassure her followers that she is keeping a positive attitude and that she intends to fight this battle no matter the outcome.

Any significant choices that Andrew needs to make about James will involve Amber, and she will be consulted on each one.

Before making any significant choices regarding the child’s medical care, educational environment, or religious upbringing, the judge and the decision on custody and relocation of the child both requested that Andrew consult with Amber and take her opinion into consideration before making those choices.

After a protracted court battle that began in 2019 following Amber’s arrest for domestic battery against Andrew, the case resulted in Amber being granted overnight visitation rights, which will be phased out over the course of a few months to allow James to get used to the new schedule. The case also resulted in Amber being granted custody of James.

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The Troubled Relationships That Amber Has With Her Ex-Boyfriends And Their Children

In addition to her daughter Amber, she also has a daughter named Leah, who is 13 years old, who she shares with her ex-husband Gary Shirley, who has been a prominent face on MTV’s Teen Mom franchise.

At the conclusion of the March episode of Teen Mom: Family Reunion, Amber vowed that she would never give up on a chance to mend the rifts in her relationship with her daughter, Leah, and to put things back on the right track with her. Leah is now a full-time member of Gary and his wife’s household after moving in with them.

After leaving the Teen Mom OG reunion set in the middle of an argument with Gary about how Leah would go to therapy, there came a point when Amber asserted that both she and her daughter were doing OK, despite the fact that she had just left the set.

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The Initial Report: Additional Information

At the beginning of this year, 29-year-old Amber Portwood found herself in the middle of a fresh court dispute that she was a party to. The reality actress, who has been candid about her battles with bipolar disorder and despair, was arrested on felony charges of domestic assault on July 5. The accusations stem from an incident that occurred on July 5. As a result of Amber’s arrest, it would appear that she is currently being processed in a central facility, and in the interim, she has been detained.

Although this is the first time Amber has publicly addressed her legal issues, she has been in the judicial system’s crosshairs on other occasions in the past. She was arrested and charged with three counts of domestic violence in November of 2010, following episodes with Gary that were captured on camera as well as those that occurred off camera.

Her probation was also violated in the domestic violence incidents, in which she was jailed for possessing a controlled substance and was found to have violated her probation for containing a controlled substance. Additionally, her probation was violated when she was found to have violated her probation for possessing a controlled substance. She entered a guilty plea to the accusations against her in January of 2012, and she was subsequently sentenced to five years in jail in February of the same year.

The scenario that Amber is in, on the other hand, is not going very well at the moment. There is a chance that she will recover. She has not given up on this endeavor yet. In order to determine what options are available to her and the next measures she will take to obtain custody of her kid, we will have to wait. In light of the continuing legal dispute between her and her ex-husband, what are your feelings on the matter? Feel free to share your ideas with us in the comment space that has been provided below.

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