Check Out Amber Heard’s Dating History to See Who She Has Dated So Far!

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Amber Heard’s Dating History:  The relationship between actress Amber Heard and actor Johnny Depp is her most well-known, especially given the fact that the two are now involved in a defamation trial in the public eye. Amber, on the other hand, has dated a number of other industry figures over the years in addition to Johnny.

Let’s have a peek at her previous romantic relationships.

Tasya Van Ree Was Active From 2008 to 2012.

amber relation history

When Amber’s relationship with painter and photographer Tasya Van Ree became public knowledge, it was the first of her high-profile romances to make headlines. The couple was together from 2008 through 2012, and Amber came out as bisexual during the course of their relationship.

In 2010, the actress spoke about her sexuality at a GLAAD event, stating, “I’m a lesbian, and I’m proud of it.” “The fact that I have had successful relationships with both men and women does not define me one way or another. I am in love with the person I am in love with; it is the person who matters.”

Johnny Depp (2012-2016)

amber relation history

Amber and Johnny met on the set of The Rum Diary in 2009, began dating in 2012, and were married in 2015. Amber and Johnny have three children. Amber filed for divorce from the actor-producer 15 months later, after receiving a temporary restraining order against him in 2016.

She claimed that he had been abusive during their relationship, and she obtained the order in 2016. Johnny filed a defamation suit against Amber in 2019 after she published an article in The Washington Post about an abusive relationship in which he was not mentioned.

He also filed a lawsuit against The Sun in 2020 after the newspaper ran an article in 2018 in which he was referred to as a “wife beater.”

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Cara Delevingne (2016)

Amber has been sighted out with actress and model Cara Delevingne on a few occasions since 2016, the most recent of which was in 2021.

However, there has never been any confirmation of a romance between the two. In 2020, the Daily Mail claimed that Josh Drew, who had previously been married to a friend of Amber’s, testified that she and Cara had been having an affair throughout Amber’s marriage to Johnny at the time of the testimony.

Moreover, Josh said that Amber, Cara, and Elon Musk had shared a night together in late 2016, according to reports.

Elon Musk (2016-2018)

amber relation history

In an interview with The Independent, Amber revealed that she and Tesla founder Elon Musk dated on and off between 2016 and 2018, and that her boyfriend Johnny suspected the couple of having an affair during their time together.

During Johnny’s case against The Sun, the courtroom heard excerpts of text communications between Amber and Elon. Elon promised her that he would provide “24/7 security” for her in one message.

In addition, he stated, “The offer would stand even if you decided you never wanted to see me again… anyhow, I apologise for being such a dunderhead. The radio silence has caused a great deal of discomfort. It only counts because I have a strong affection for you.”

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Vito Schnabel (2018)

During the month of May 2018, art collector, film director and photographer Vito Schnabel was spotted out with Amber. As stated by Us Weekly, nothing is known about their relationship other than the fact that it ended purportedly owing to distance difficulties.

Bianca Butti (2020-2021)

Amber and cinematographer Bianca Butti secretly set a wedding date between 2020 and 2021. The two were first seen together in January 2020, and then again during the L.A. Women’s March a few months later.

Finally, it was discovered that the two were dating, and Bianca even accompanied Amber to many of her court appearances during the season. Amber and Bianca, on the other hand, were claimed to have broken up in 2021 by the Daily Mail due to distance.

Along with the birth of her daughter Oonagh Paige through surrogate, Amber was also hard at work filming Aquaman 2 in foreign locations.


Amber does not appear to be involved in a romantic relationship at this time.


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