All Rise Season 4 Release Date


All Rise Season 4 Release Date: Is It Renewed or Canceled?

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Legal drama enthusiasts and fans of “All Rise” are on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating news about the release date for Season 4. With its compelling courtroom narratives and engaging characters, the series has garnered a loyal following. As viewers eagerly await the next installment, let’s explore what is known so far and what can be expected from the upcoming season.

When will All Rise Season 4 Be Released?

They dropped the bomb in August 2023. This was stated: “Hey, Season 3 will be the last one.” The final ten episodes were scheduled to run on September 16, 2023, a Saturday. It’s like when your favorite ice cream shop announces that it will no longer be open.

Let’s travel back in time a little. “All Rise” wasn’t always in this difficult situation. After two years, it seemed like the show would never return. It was later revived by OWN, the cool network, in 2021. Season 3 featured twenty episodes, which is a lot. On a hot day, it is a lot of ice cream scoops.

All Rise Season 4 Release Date

We received some unpleasant news in March 2023. Warner Bros. Television, the show’s producer, let the performers go. This is like telling someone, “You can’t play the game anymore.” Following that, the show’s future became unclear.

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There you have it: “All Rise” will not return for a fourth season. This one has been discarded, so we’ll have to recall the good moments from previous seasons. After reading a wonderful book, you’ll feel sad when it’s gone, but the exciting portions will stay with you.

What will Happen in All Rise Season 4?

The first person is Judge Lola Carmichael. She’s the primary character, and what an excellent judge she is. In recent seasons, she has had to deal with prejudice, sexism, and even dangerous people looking to cause trouble.

But, what do you know? She did not give up. She gave birth to a child named David in Season 3. We’re all curious about how she manages to be both a mother and a judge. Will she have to deal with additional issues in court? Would she continue to be that outstanding judge who respects the rules?

All Rise Season 4 Release Date

Mark Callan is the next person. He works as a deputy district attorney and is Lola’s closest friend. He’s been through a lot of difficulties and even some love. The third season marked the final time he told Lola he liked her. She declined him because she is married to FBI agent Robin Taylor. However, Mark was not single for very long.

Now let’s talk about Lola’s old acquaintance Emily Lopez, a public defender. Her mental health and drug usage have made life difficult for her. After a difficult case in Season 3, she returns to her old ways and must go to treatment.

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They also broke up. Luke Watkins worked as a bailiff before becoming a lawyer. We certainly hope Emily improves and returns to work in Season 4.

All Rise Season 4 Trailer

Since the show has finished, there will be no trailer release date for All Rise Season 4. Fans expected the tale to continue, but because the show was terminated after the third season, there will be no new advertisements or trailers for a fourth season. Watch the third season trailer below to learn more about the series finale.


As fans eagerly await the return of “All Rise” for its fourth season, the anticipation only grows. With the promise of more legal drama, social commentary, and character development, Season 4 is poised to deliver another compelling chapter in the series. Until an official release date is announced, viewers can revisit past seasons or engage with the show’s community to share their excitement and theories about what lies ahead for Judge Lola Carmichael and the rest of the characters in the world of “All Rise.”

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